Cerego – Create and Identify Experts

Education is no longer restricted to books and rote memorization. A better understanding of cognitive science and the growth of artificial intelligence has enabled education to be transformed from a tedious task to a stimulating activity. Cerego is one of the leading names in adaptive learning solutions in today’s world.

Supplementing learning with technology has only grown since the masses understood the benefits it brings to both students and educators. “Today, our dataset includes 1 billion interactions drawn from over 1.5 million learners and is the biggest of its kind outside of academia. Through these interactions, we’ve learned an enormous amount about the intricacies of ‘how’ people learn — from the best time of day to study to the easiest subjects to learn, to the length of time it takes to master a concept and more.” says Eric Young, CEO of Cerego.

Cerego’s dedication to understanding how humans learn and forget has fueled their research into the minds of individuals of various ages and backgrounds. This has allowed them to gain deeper insights into human learning and these are utilized in designing learning solutions.

Various companies have used human knowledge to drive the growth of artificial intelligence but Cerego believes in using artificial intelligence to assist human learning. To make knowledge stick in the learning minds, the optimized learning plans ensure that the learned information is retained within just 3-4 reviews with Cerego. Along with ensuring retention, Cerego is also effective in improving the accuracy of learning. The short targeted reviews designed by Cerego get a learner to almost 90% accuracy within six weeks of learning a piece of information.

With the finetuned solutions of Cerego, instructors can create goals for the learners to achieve. By building a schedule on this learning platform, students come back to their material more often and in an organized manner.  Eric Young clarifies, “Naturally, the longer since you last saw something, the harder it is to remember it — but the number of times you reviewed the material before that has a big impact on whether it fades quickly from memory, or stabilizes.” This foundational knowledge of human cognition makes a difference in how individuals approach learning and memory.

As a learning platform, Cerego is easy to implement and use. The Smart Create tools give a chance to create new learning material entirely or repurpose existing ones to build content in minutes. This is backed by Smart Suggestions and Smart Answers that help build meaningful follow-up that learners will remember.

Drawing unparalleled insights from Cerego’s Knowledge Bank, learners and admins alike can track real-time progress across every learning item in every course. Users can identify the weak points in their learning and address them early on. Cerego also predicts how well a learner will perform on the material, thereby ensuring that they know the material thoroughly and the performance was not a one-off.

With the efficiency that Cerego brings in mastery learning, academia is not the only scenario where the adaptive learning platform can be applied. Cerego is a trusted learning partner to government organizations and businesses.

The platform is utilized by the government to train personnel on emergency management, law enforcement, and military tactics. The analytics tools of Cerego ensure the personnel retains the lifesaving information they require. In the corporate setting, Cerego is used to let employees learn faster, and develop stronger retention of their training. Usually, around 70% of corporate training provided does not last longer than a day in the employees’ minds. Cerego improves their knowledge of the training materials and builds their accountability, saving the corporate’s resources.

By accelerating learning according to each individual’s capabilities, Cerego is an innovative learning solution that has revolutionized learning for everyone.