Certus Digital- Intelligent Digital Business

As the digital landscape evolves, companies must build an ecosystem that ensures constant optimization, modernization, and incorporation of advanced and intelligent business practices. In this environment, Certus Digital has emerged as one of the market leaders in delivering comprehensive digital business services, such as enterprise asset management, digital intelligence, and transformation services, aiming to revolutionize the industry.

In addition to deploying cutting-edge, innovative technologies, Certus Digital has also set itself apart as a strategic IBM partner since 2002. It has also cemented its position as IBM’s largest trading partner and major local partner for the ANZ software portfolio.

In the current digital space, the need for state-of-the-art technologies is matched by the demand for deeper, more personalized customer connections. Certus Digital has found the perfect balance by integrating IBM’s customer success resources and personnel with its in-house Certus Continuous Customer Engagement program. This synergy empowers clients with digital transformation services that enable IT and operations teams to achieve their desired business outcomes, from enhanced asset performance to optimized workspaces.

The success of Certus Digital and its synergistic relationship with IBM can be attributed to the exceptional company leadership team. Certus Digital’s General Manager, Michael Cahir’s vision, experience, and deep understanding of the industry and customers have not only underscored the company’s commitment to delivering tailored, customer-centric solutions but have also strengthened its relationship with IBM. His expertise reassures Certus Digital’s clients of the company’s strong leadership and strategic direction.

Since its inception, Certus Digital has been instrumental in building a robust ecosystem of partners to drive innovation and create a platform that allows it to leverage IBM’s ecosystem, resources and capabilities to equip customers with leading-edge, comprehensive solutions and enhance revenue growth and business outcomes. Every industry vertical has unique needs and demands; Certus Digital’s industry-specific management consulting services assist every sector with improving operational overload, accelerating the time to value, and streamlining the entire digital asset lifecycle.

Combined with IBM’s extensive industry knowledge and best practices, Certus Digital’s digital- and customer-oriented approach allows customers to maximize their data value by harnessing the latest technologies to improve asset on performance and decision-making. This approach, called Touchstone, is a whole-life asset management solution that drives the proactive and continuous management of an organization’s physical assets throughout the entire lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal. Powered by IBM Maximo, Touchstone is the product of Certus Digital’s industry prowess, digital acumen, and innovation from its ecosystem network, enabling companies to transform their asset operations digitally.

At Certus Digital, we understand that our clients need confidence in their decisions to maximize asset efficiency, effectiveness, and resilience. Our tailored solutions and data, technology, and engineering expertise meet these individual needs. — Michael Cahir, General Manager

Furthermore, based on the Gartner Platform Thinking model, Touchstone brings forth a unique medium to channel Information Technology spanning processes and business results that run on technology platforms within a client’s architecture, including Data and Analytics Platforms.

As one of the top ten global IBM Maximo partners, Certus Digital has established itself as a Maximo Partner Advisory Council member. Certus Digital also works with IBM’s GSI lab as a co-development partner to conduct joint innovation development programs with its customers.

Certus Digital’s partnership with IBM has had a monumental impact on New Zealand’s industrial landscape. The company’s extensive, tailored solutions have empowered organizations to better understand their asset lifecycle and improve the reliability, performance, and safety of their assets and people.

One of Certus Digital’s clients, a utility provider in New Zealand, needed a central view of its facilities, assets, and hazards as part of its Zero Harm model and to serve as a centralized source of information for Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) risks.

Understanding its client’s requirements, Certus Digital curated an HSE solution that leveraged Maximo’s standard pre-configuration to deliver the desired organizational results. With Certus Digital’s assistance, the HSE team operates a single application that reports all incidents, including work, personnel, safety, health, and environmental areas.

On a mission to continue revolutionizing the industry with its decades of industry and consulting experience and strengthening its partnership with IBM, Certus Digital’s future plans entail developing a foundation that enables clients to utilize IBM Maximo for daily operations quickly and efficiently by deploying a fully operational asset management platform, accelerating expandable essential business processes, maintaining a low-entry cost point, and ensuring complete scalability with access to the full Maximo Application Suite and Touchstone Platform.