Cisco – Networking, Cloud and Cybersecurity Solutions

Communication is the key, the bridge between chaos and clarity. In the current world of the internet, contact might be the easiest thing to do; however, this was not the case three decades ago.

When technology was empowering every corner of the world in the late 90s, the exchange of data was the most accentuated segment. It was the inability to exchange emails from the offices of Stanford University that made Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner, the founders of Cisco, realized the pitfalls in the transmission of information via telecommunication networking, and this led to the birth of the multiprotocol router.

Cisco is not just a company, it’s a universe that’s changing the working methodologies of people around the globe. When the whole world was locked behind the doors, It emerged as a torchbearer with video conferencing solutions like Webex. When The Salvation Army was stuck with innumerable cyber malware attacks, Cisco took the lead as a force multiplier to defend their sensitive data and thus, business reputation.

Companies that choose the needs of society as their goals are the necessity of the hour. With a vision to burn down the bridge of the digital divide, Cisco has already partnered with multiple international governments like Dallas, Arizona, Cayman Islands, and Toronto to install public wifi spots near local libraries and community centers. Programs like Rural Broadband services, Sustainability Tribal Network, and Digital Canopy are launched by Cisco to target a huge underprivileged population that will further be trained with IT skills.

As we progress with technology, so does our need to stay safe, both when working in isolation and while on a global network. This demanded the need for reliable networking and security solutions. Cisco DNA, Cisco Meraki, Cisco vManage, Secure Firewall, Secure X, Umbrella, software-based WAN solutions, optical networking, and multi-cloud applications are revolutionizing people’s working experience. Scalability, automation, and real-time analytics are the three hallmark results that set apart Cisco customers from the rest of the world.

Industry-based solutions are the characteristic feature of Cisco. From healthcare, finances, sports, mining, and construction to retail and logistics, Cisco delivers technical assistance to all. “We will continue to strategically invest across our portfolio to drive growth in innovation, strengthen our competitive advantage, and position Cisco for success, and I continue to have great confidence in our future,” said Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco.

The COVID-19 pandemic has leveraged hybrid working styles. The unprecedented travel restrictions hampered the global meetings of leaders and multiple people stuck off in far land. The “phygital” format of the iconic conference by The European House – Ambrosetti was a well-appreciated event format leveraged by Cisco, owing to its classic video conferencing capabilities.

Cisco sailed through the shore to assist corporate employees with the best of interactive tools,  productivity solutions, and data security for peace of mind. The Stealthwatch cloud networking is another multi-cloud management solution that inspects all end-points vulnerabilities with an immediate resolution. Its customized solution for all kinds of business sizes makes the company more relatable and appreciable.

Corporate Social Responsibility is mandatory for all. Nevertheless, the companies that add environmental concerns into their priority solutions reflect purpose in their existence. Earthaware, Cisco Green Team, and Sustain X are some of its green initiatives. It has been successful in recycling 80% of its e-waste. The commitment of $100 million by the Cisco Foundation to fund NGOs that are adopting environmentally friendly methods to sustain life. The company is actively focused on downsizing climate change by investing in climate-related innovations and startups. Everything that Cisco does is driven to generate a world of equality, and quality life for all.