Cisive- Empowering Ideas Through Better HR

Procurement and management of human resources play a major role in determining the profitability and growth of any organization. Investing in HR tech (Human Resources Technology) is not just about containing costs and mitigating risks; it also ensures that the organization’s long-term strategies are met without any obstacles. 

With over four decades of expertise, Cisive is a global leader in the HR tech management niche. The company’s tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of diverse enterprises have transformed the company into an unparalleled symbol of excellence. Cisive’s accomplished and zealous CEO, James Owens, stated, At Cisive, we are experts in the specific risks and regulations that apply to financial services and other highly regulated industries.

Cisive’s extensive insight into background screening and industrial processes aids in the provision of world-class guidance and consultations regarding HR operations. In a world dominated by dynamic information, prompt, yet accurate business decisions are the key. Cisive seamlessly fuses technology and perceptive human insight into clear, pragmatic intelligence for any HR leader.

Cisive develops strategic integrations with leading talent management and HCM (Human Capital Management) solution providers such as Oracle PeopleSoft and SAP Fieldglass, to reinforce and enhance the orchestration of background screening workflow. These partnerships streamline the recruitment and onboarding processes while creating an outstanding candidate portfolio.

The company’s service model leverages the benefits of a single, integrated system throughout the world by using complete applicant information and country-specific forms. The beneficiaries receive insightful and actionable data through a centralized system that facilitates billing, analysis, quality control, and presentations.

The organization’s absolute authority, advanced technology, and extensive expertise are sought after by enterprises that require accurate, defensible decisions. Cisive’s competitive advantage lies in the platform’s compatibility, high accuracy rate, and untarnished history. The consistency of its deliverables is a testament to its thoroughness, unmatched quality, and compliance with regulatory principles. Cisive currently offers five exemplary solutions:

  • Background Screening
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) Technology
  • Executive Intelligence
  • Compliance
  • COVID-19 Solutions

Cisive’s premier Background Screening service relentlessly focuses on accurate employment screening solutions to keep the workforce safe from expensive and superfluous litigation costs. Accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) in the USA, Cisive’s rule-oriented and configurable workflow engine presents the latest compliance and client-specific forms and releases to match unique internal processes.

The premier Employment Screening technology is fully compatible with any ATS (Applicant Tracking System), and can hence cater to the complex challenges posed by large organizations, that demand a milieu of high-class technology with an unwavering focus on truthful reporting, ethics compliance, customer services, and integrity of sources. 

The platform’s dedication to accurate and timely pre-employment background checks, help recruit the most qualified aspirants and positively influence business growth. Multiple repository searches are conducted that cover criminal backgrounds, employment and education records, credit history, address verification, social security number verification, fraud check, and more. The solution also offers fingerprint capture via a nation-wide Live Scan network.

The paperless Employment Screening solution merges with pre-hire screening and post-hire onboarding, to effortlessly support the complete talent acquisition life cycle. The proprietary interactive, mobile, and platform-neutral technology minimizes inquiries and offers a top-notch applicant experience.

Cisive’s innovative HCM technology encourages optimized business decisions that are rooted in impactful data and actionable insights across the HR spectrum. From onboarding and identity verification to coherent analytics and an intuitive mobile application, the HCM technology offers flexibility and customization to equip enterprises with invaluable business intelligence. The state-of-the-art tools are user-friendly, reliable, and authentic.

The flexible Onboarding solution offers a comprehensive approach to help HR operatives manage every step of the process, and in turn, provide a great candidate experience. Cisive’s IDVerity is a unique identity authentication service that uses advanced forensic document authentication and facial recognition technology. The HCM solution utilizes the Cisive Analytics Reporting Tool or CART to provide real-time, customizable, and self-service HR analytics that propel an enterprise to great levels of success.

The Executive Intelligence division is composed of a team of commendable criminologists, legal and compliance experts who effectively vet high-caliber candidates through an executive screening process. The reliable solution shields brands and businesses from irreversible damage to reputation and unethical deception. 

Cisive’s Executive Intelligence platform protects organizations from serious exposure caused by the potentially damaging actions of company executives. The global solution leverages intelligent technology and global capabilities to offer litigation support, misconduct investigations, and international asset tracing. It also helps implement, manage, and monitor risks, global due diligence, and fraudulent activities. The tailored solutions aid in maintaining a competitive advantage after business transactions or acquisitions by mitigating risk, ensuring operational integrity and legal compliance. The beneficiaries can therefore explore new and exciting opportunities in the global marketplace without additional burdens.

Through its Compliance parameters, Ciscive guides its client base in developing responsible hiring practices that are in accordance with the recommendations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and other relevant global bodies. The company’s goal is to keep its clients away from unwarranted harm, by incorporating stringent statutory and regulatory considerations, benchmarks, company culture, and risk assessment.

The platform’s web-based dispute resolution system plays an integral role in tracking notifications including receipts, documents, and consumer statements. The Compliance platform ensures the maintenance of auditable logs, time-frames, and Ban-the-Box notifications.

The change in work dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the growth of HR technology. To help its clientele reopen safely in the pandemic’s aftermath, Cisive developed a COVID-19 suite to facilitate a confident and safe transition, while mitigating health risks. The suite includes the following solutions:

  • SAFE19 (COVID-19 Clearinghouse): This solution provides a paperless central repository uniquely designed to handle uploading, validation, and compliance reporting on COVID-19 tests and immunization data.
  • CONTACT19: A contact tracing solution that provides a tailored tracing program, built on Cisive’s years of screening experience.
  • ACCESS19: A digital self-attestation and status validation solution, to easily resume daily operations while keeping the workforce safe, and ensure compliance with COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Cisive’s comprehensive and diverse range of solutions address an array of HR operations and automate tedious manual processes. The result is an integrated system that seamlessly synchronizes HR management while mitigating risks such as fraudulent hires, unnecessary litigation costs, and irreversible damage to reputation. Cisive is not a mere background screening platform or HR tech management company; it is a lifelong business partner that strives to protect its clients and help them traverse global barriers.