Clario – Endpoint Technology Services For Clinical Trial Management

One of the best CTMS solution providers, Clario is on a mission to reform the area of clinical research and transform patients’ health. Clario believes in revolutionizing its clients’ and patients’ lives by developing evidence that merges with scientific knowledge and discoveries on a global scale to create a trustworthy technological platform. Having been in the clinical data research sphere for almost fifty years, Clario has successfully conducted over 19,000 trials and supported 870 regulatory approvals. The clinical data company offers years of expertise, reliability, authenticity, 24/7 customer support, and precision and has made a name for itself globally.

Clario aims to accelerate the future of trials by improving the current space and handling the trends affecting clinical research management. With its top-notch and thoroughly researched scientific and industrial insight and excellent and high-quality tools and operations, Clario excels in providing patients with the best and most comfortable clinical experience. The CTMS provider gets its fuel from the motivation to make a noticeable impact on the clinical research department, improve its patients’ health, and empower its partners’ lives.

With offices in North America, Asia and Europe, Clario is a globally recognized company which takes pride in its reach. Clario acknowledges its social and corporate duty to improve the clinical trial management space for the betterment of society, general health, sustainability, cybersecurity, and diversity. Various trends in the current clinical data sphere affect it, and Clario has embarked on a mission to tackle them. Whether there are challenges in planning clinical trials or securing databases, Clario has evidence to promote relevant solutions, such as bringing medicines, medical supplies, tools and gadgets, and therapies to the forefront and making them accessible to everyone. The clinical research healthcare provider has developed technology and systems to increase data safety, reporting and analyzing data, overreading services, and effective decision-making.

At Clario, we are making significant investments in our technology that improve the data quality, speed and the experience of decentralized and hybrid clinical trials. In doing so, we will offer sites and sponsors more clinical trial options, empower patient choice and provide the means to create diversity within clinical trials improving health equity,” said Chris Fikry, CEO of Clario.

Problems such as inaccessibility, cardiac conditions, lack of medical imaging, inaccuracies in measurements, lack of tools for respiratory issues, and centralized trials exist in the present picture of clinical research trials. Clario’s eCOA solution makes trial accessible to the patients, allows sponsors to deliver tools at home, and enable trials in offline, virtual and hybrid modes. With eCOA, devices can merge to create evidence, and trial participation has become convenient and safe, ensuring data compliancy. For cardiac problems, Clario provides early-to-late-phase ECG and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) devices that centralize data collection and enable strategic protocols and study designs.

Clario’s SMART technology enables medical imaging. Its SMART tool studies and transfers medical images in a safe and protected system and provides therapeutic support. With its accurate and high-quality lung function data, created via multiple tools, respiratory knowledge, site data reviews, customized software, and site performance reports, Clario has found a solution to respiratory conditions. The clinical research company has made clinical trials convenient by collecting, merging, and studying data. Its technologies, such as Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Clinical Trial Management (CTMS), Clinical Adjudication, Eligibility etc., have transformed patients’ lives and health.

Centralized clinical management is a significant challenge in the clinical research area. With Clario’s Trial Anywhere solution, clinical trials have gradually started moving to hybrid and decentralized modes. Decentralizing clinical trials enables scientific experts and sponsors to collect accurate data remotely and enhance a patient’s clinical experience.

Over the years, Clario has worked with several clients and provided them with its tools and services to improve their experience. Clario worked with a pharmaceutical company that required resources and services to conduct a large-scale test for testing a drug and providing additional information to prove its legitimacy and safety. Clario supplied a safety team, endpoint team, and sub-contracted an independent endpoint adjudication team that worked together to solve data management problems. They identified data risks and operated 24/7 to ensure accurate results.