Clarity Security – Affordable Identity Governance Platform

A leading digital identity management company, Clarity Security aims to revolutionize the identity governance landscape. Clarity has built a platform that makes identity governance a time-saving and automatic task, allowing users to navigate the identity governance environment seamlessly. From generation and distribution to approval and revocation, Clarity Security’s identity governance platform provides personalized and event-driven work productivity, identity lifecycle management, and identity security.

With its clients’ businesses and operations at the forefront, Clarity Security believes in equipping organizations with a powerful and unique identity governance system. Launched in 2020, Clarity, a SaaS tool, streamlines and improves the identity management process in a less complex manner across a company’s infrastructure and multiple applications. Instead of relying on manual operations, Clarity Security’s agile and innovative solution caters to the latest and modern industrial sphere that builds a company’s legacy.

The Dallas, US-based company assists small teams with identity governance and prevents them from straining their budget and workforce. As for large organizations, Clarity helps them manage various identities per regulatory policies. Clarity Security enables a company to accomplish its business goals while simultaneously reducing excessive expenditure, boosting workflow, and reaching RBAC/ABAC.

Using a universal platform that automatically builds and maintains, Clarity adds an enhancement tool to companies’ current AD systems. Irrespective of an organization’s identity management protocol, Clarity enables its customers to migrate their identities to Clarity efficiently and safely. With its tools and services, Clarity aims to solve the current trends affecting the digital identity space, such as lack of access control, cybersecurity, risk-prone networks, and compliance policies.

Clarity Security provides companies with various solutions to combat the existing trends in the identity management landscape. Instead of merely storing push products and services, Clarity’s Lite solution, also known as Identity Governance Lite, grants access certification, granular provisioning, de-provisioning, and accelerates lifecycle management.

There is power in numbers. So, if HR and compliance and IT security and audit, and the rest of the IT leadership are all identifying gaps together, and everything is signed off on, there is power in numbers in getting buy-in from the executive teams, who aren’t necessarily directly involved with this,” said Connor Borchgrevink, CEO & Co-Founder of Clarity Security.

With its Modern solution, Clarity Security designs microservices that format usernames, manage user exceptions and exclusions, and provide role-based resources to facilitate roles, which are a combination of identities and assigned features created according to onboarding criteria and attributes. Using its dependable solutions, Clarity ensures its client’s digital infrastructure is modern, available, and operates in an isolated environment to run smoothly without external interference.

Along with solutions, Clarity Security also provides organizations with various services to assist their identity management process. Clarity’s orphaned account identification saves money by identifying unused and over-supplied licenses by alerting customers about unrecognized or strange identity licenses. Clarity’s dynamic role mining services develop identity-based roles and grant access to shared features, allowing companies to achieve scalable RBAC/ABAC.

Clarity’s 1-click access orchestration service instantly provides and stops the supply of identities and observes identities in real-time to make relevant and informed decisions. With its instantaneous revocation feature, Clarity Security adjusts accessibility during certification by incorporating end-user support platforms that enable Clarity to approve, revoke, and change identity access swiftly and effectively. The identity management company’s blockchain ledger assists organizations in computing results accurately and prevents unauthorized access to documents, reports, and screenshots. Clarity’s governance, risk & compliance engine feature provides instant and accurate data regarding licensing, assignments, on-site results, and high-risk roles by logging, auditing, and reporting long and short data.

Clarity Solutions has reformed the operations of multiple organizations with its identity governance platform. A company that employed Clarity’s services faced internal challenges regarding HR procedures. The company’s HR process prevented its departments from participating in the formal termination procedure of an employee’s contract, leading to a collection of data of former employees on applications without a central system. In addition to former employees, an accumulated record of the company’s previous contractors and temporary employees created a heavy HR backlog, resulting in unnecessary and excessive licensing costs.

To help the company, Clarity Solutions implemented its Identity Unification services by incorporating APIs and Webhooks into the company’s applications and HR system to monitor the algorithm and automatically match employee accounts. Upon the algorithm’s completion, a detailed report was generated consisting of unique usernames, accounts inactive for over 30 days, and usernames appearing in applications but not in directory services. Clarity’s services allowed the company to filter inactive accounts of former employees and make room in the licensing budget.