Clear Arch Health – Remote Patient Monitoring & Turnkey Telehealth Solutions

As the global healthcare industry continues to confront challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Clear Arch Health proves its value as the go-to resource for healthcare providers in need of consultancy services, logistical and technical support, and viable solutions for scaling up programs easier.

COVID-19 has expedited shifts in existing healthcare delivery models while generating rapid adoption of healthcare innovation. The healthcare community is embracing much needed changes to address overburdened staff, address concerns about health equity, and employ models that extend care into the home. Changes in consumer attitudes and behaviors, the rapid expansion of digital health technology, clinical innovation, new talent, and new service delivery models are also on the minds of healthcare leaders throughout the world.

To answer this call, Clear Arch Health focuses on improving and scaling virtual health services for healthcare organizations and the populations they serve. By forging valuable industry partnerships, Clear Arch Health facilitates the delivery of innovative and effective connected care programs.

Clear Arch Health President John Bojanowski said in an interview, “The last decade has seen explosive growth in the digital health space, and Clear Arch Health has been on the leading edge of this transformation, bringing healthcare providers closer to patients through the integration of technologies such as remote patient monitoring and remote life safety.
I’m excited to be a part of it

Clear Arch Health has pioneered revolutionary approaches to virtual care, such as integrated mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) platforms. The integrated RPM + mPERS solutions are deployed today in healthcare organizations to address the challenges highlighted during the pandemic. Clear Arch Health offers the flexibility to deliver remote care management with or without remote life safety, delivering options to healthcare organizations that allow them to build programs to support their unique goals.

The first company of its kind to market home healthcare deployments that have shown their worth by providing result-oriented operations, Clear Arch Health ensures a seamless patient experience with user-friendly devices that are always ready to use. Understanding that patient compliance is crucial for rapid patient adoption, Clear Arch Health integrates its devices with a patient’s electronic health record (EHR) to supply a steady stream of data to healthcare teams that enable them to remain informed, in real time, about any changes in a patient’s health. These innovations enhance clinical value by facilitating the collection and meaningful use of critical patient data.

That’s not all, as the company also offers additional services to assist with patient onboarding. How the company cooperates strategically with its clients to satisfy their needs is what differentiates the organization from its competitors.

RPM has a lot of value for home health organizations, but they often struggle with the logistical burden of implementing it. Clients in the home health industry have typically invested in inventory, which has resulted in device obsolescence when purchased kits are unable to be upgraded and charged for unused devices sitting on shelves. Clear Arch Health has perfected an operational approach that eliminates the need for clients to keep inventory on hand. Additionally, the company ensures that all necessary healthcare equipment is delivered directly to the patient’s residence and provides on-site assistance with equipment setup.

From speedy adoption to maximum patient engagement, Clear Arch Health’s remote patient monitoring platform and mobile personal emergency response systems provide best-in-class patient experience. This spirit of innovation has transformed the global healthcare industry by making a positive impact in patient’s lives the world over.