Click Boarding – Modern Employee Onboarding New Hires Expect

HR Tech is one of the most recent developments in the field of business and commerce. The sector aims to simplify tedious HR-related processes and improve working conditions for employers and employees alike. At the same time, it intends to optimize a company’s resources to help it achieve its missions, future goals and projected revenues.

Click Boarding, founded in 2016 in Minneapolis, has emerged as the up-and-coming HR tech company within a short frame of time.  It benefits from its history and experience in HR and was brought to life by Curtis Marks, the same founder who started one of the largest background screening companies in North America.

A New Leader for a New Era

To guide Click Boarding in this era marked by innovation, the company’s Chairman of the Board, Curt Marks has passed the torch to the new CEO, Mike Ehrle. As an experienced leader from the HR Tech industry, Mike has the ability and unparalleled expertise to lead Click Boarding into the future, one that’s defined by best-in-class solutions across onboarding, mergers, acquisitions, offboarding and more.

Ehrle is a staunch believer in the critical value of onboarding, the holistic employee experience and the need to constantly improve. He notes these best-in-breed technologies are needed in the market now more than ever, underscoring his fundamental belief in the concept of Click Boarding.

Click’s end-to-end employee experience platform offers countless opportunities for true human engagement, from pre-hire to retire. According to Ehrle, “it’s not just “day one onboarding,” but the entire pre-hire and post-hire candidate experience. That’s the focus.” Click Boarding’s employee lifecycle solution recognizes the needs of employees and offers unmatched expertise with carefully crafted solutions to create a dynamic, dedicated work environment.

For example, Click worked with an enterprise-level multi-national insurance and banking corporation with more than 30,000 employees. The firm required a reduction of security risks and improved integrations within their existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

By providing a flexible employee onboarding solution with state-of-the-art security, Click Boarding significantly reduced the processing time for onboarding the company’s new hires. This impressive feat increased the client’s productivity by 32%. As a result, the corporation was empowered to “hire ahead of the curve,” thus greatly improving achievements from the employees of this reputable Fortune 500 company.

Technology Backed by Innovation & Experts

Click Boarding’s solution is a mobile-first, employee experience platform that allows easy access for users, regardless of device. The company’s trusted recipe – a methodology that’s powered by real-time, data-driven research – enables them to provide innovative solutions consistent and on par with the most crucial needs of the current market, specifically the local, state and federal tax requirements.

Having been awarded accolades from Unleash, iSmartRecruit, HR Outlook Solution Providers in both 2020 and 2021, Enterprise Tech Success and Top Employee Management Solution Providers of 2021, Click Boarding is recognized within the industry for unparalleled customer service, customizable workflows and streamlined processes engineered for the future of HRM. This is proven through Click’s powerful API integrations with adjacent technologies. These combined capabilities create a unique combination that attracts all employers, including some of the largest brands across the globe.

Additionally, the company’s values encourage creativity in problem-solving while simultaneously prioritizing excellence. Click’s internal approach to team building runs parallel to its deep interest in benefiting individual employee growth and satisfaction through their platform. With the vision of creating long-term, sustainable solutions that keep employees on board for the long haul. As such, Click Boarding provides a clear return on investment for HR teams, ultimately impacting the bottom line of their corporation to contribute as a true profit center.

According to Mike Ehrle, there are three critical market trends currently governing the HR Tech space:

1. Understaffed HR Teams

Employers are hesitant to expand the size of HR teams and prefer relying on technology now more than ever before. Therefore, it’s urgent to address the needs of HR professionals not only in their work but when integrating their strategies effectively with the right technical help.

2. Onboarding Correctly is Critical

The need for pre-hire integration solutions has become imperative as adding an onboarding solution can expedite hiring and employee training or productivity and increase employee movement within an organization. Click Boarding encourages employers to engage with new hires, allowing employees to prepossess important corporate ideals that the company values. It has intelligent solutions with the ability to structure onboarding to reduce attrition rates through enhanced retention and employee buy-in long-term.

3. Virtual Work is Here to Stay

Finally, as remote work becomes the norm due to the pandemic and the workforce prefers work from home (WFH) configurations, Ehrle notes the importance of HR tech. Drawing from employee feedback within its own company, Click Boarding recognizes only about 15% of employees are willing to work from the office on a partial basis. In such a remote environment, technology solutions that drive productivity and efficiency become increasingly vital.

Taking Tangible Steps Towards the Advancement of HR Tech

The scalable, intuitive and secure Click Boarding platform allows clients to do more with their current resources to improve new hire preparedness and setup, increase employee engagement and boost productivity. The HR software’s forward-thinking, efficient pre-boarding and onboarding solutions underscore dedicated connectivity, starting the moment new hires say “yes.”

A number of Click Boarding’s capabilities that bolster its success include SOC 2 Type 2 & GDPR, data security systems and proprietary eSignature services that never fail to comply. With complete self-service configuration and personalized workflow management, the company’s ability to scale as needed is an incredible advantage for those who use the automated employee experience platform. The solution augments and extends other HR technology platforms, building sophistication into other categories of HR processes to ensure a cohesive ecosystem.

Through guided workflows and the upcoming launch of ClickRetain pulse checks, the Click Boarding solution can reduce employee turnover and increase employee retention. This comes at a time when employee turnover and retention are the top two organizational challenges across nearly 50% of all companies. Designed as a solution to build commitment and loyalty, ClickRetain relies on scientific assessments and observations to determine employee baselines and benchmarks, constantly allowing a company to uphold its envisioned standard of work.

The platform leverages the power of data and science to assess and build employee baselines while setting organizational benchmarks. ClickRetain is fully integrated into the company’s employment experience platform and accessible to all candidates. This inventive retention solution analyzes preemptive insights and trends to enhance engagement processes. In turn, this positively impacts employee retention rates.

A Revolutionary Vision for Holistic Improvement

Click Boarding enables companies to deliver enhanced employee experiences, well beyond their first days of employment. The integral world-class technology offered by the company’s team of experts transforms new hires into dedicated, loyal advocates for their respective companies. And as we’ve seen, Click Boarding extends its services into the employees’ tenure at the organization, unlike its market competitors.

“Click Boarding has created a unique HR solution… fully customizable from the employer’s perspective but simple and linear from the employee’s view,” asserts Mike Ehrle, CEO.

His vision for Click Boarding is to continue to evolve and ultimately remain ahead of the HR technology market, developing new  technologies to help employees gain confidence early while creating a stronger sense of belonging. For the employers, Ehrle aspires to broaden the impact of HR to Finance, IT and Business optimization as well.

By combining the strength of engagement, retention and compliance, Click Boarding undoubtedly creates a powerful recipe for success. With the Click Boarding platform, companies can gain a return on their talent investment while extending the focus to the experience of individual employees. As part of its future endeavors, the company plans to further expand their capabilities within employee transitions, including departmental shifts, mergers and acquisitions, career changes and temporary leaves.

The Future Looks Bright for Click

Being intentional with what they offer, Click has evolved during the pandemic and continues to meet the needs of their clients and the market at large. The company showcases a commitment to its long-term success as the HR tech space continues to advance to new heights.

Determined to make goal-oriented changes, Ehrle appointed new leaders to implement, with ambition, the vision he has set forth. With leaders like Adam Wachtel as CTO and Josh Hoover as the SVP of Product, Click Boarding offers promising solutions for both large and small businesses alike. These maximize the potential of their HR teams while promoting growth, rather than survival, in a competitive economic climate. Its progressive vision from the very beginning is what has elevated it into a mark of HRM excellence.