CobbleStone Software – Contract Management Software

Companies globally share various universal experiences, and contracts are one of them. Every operation requires an agreement, be it between employers and employees or firms and third-party services. As the best contract negotiator of 2023, CobbleStone has helped transform contract lifecycle management (CLM) processes and continues to do so. The company empowers its clients with a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate contract management solution.

Enterprises encounter various challenges when handling contracts. There is an increasing need to draft automated and simplified contract negotiations and other contract-related processes. Companies worldwide face multiple issues when dealing with CLM, such as version control issues (sending incorrect or incomplete contracts for negotiation or approval), contract and data storage problems, decentralization, not monitoring milestones and significant dates, and a lack of transparency. CobbleStone is on a mission to combat these challenges.

With its products CobbleStone Auto-Redline and VISDOM® AI, CobbleStone automates contract negotiations, contract lifecycle management, and contract analytics to make the process simple and supercharged. CobbleStone Contract Insight® (powered by VISDOM AI) converts documents into building blocks to improve contract oversight, risk mitigation, and proactive opportunity identification. VISDOM AI is a multi-purpose system including CobbleStone Auto-Redline, IntelliXtract®, and Theory Calculator.

CobbleStone Auto-Redline automates the inclusion of clauses from users’ approved clause library, ensuring the language used is acceptable, such as favorable clauses. With IntelliXtract, CobbleStone allows users to scan through contracts to find key terms, legal phrases, and conditions. The Theory Calculator feature provides users with recurring automated data analysis and on-screen recommendations to guide them through the contract management process.

For over 25 years and counting, CobbleStone has pioneered industry-leading CLM software products and services that have empowered its clients for sustainable contract management success. CobbleStone Contract Insight makes contract administration more accessible and efficient by enabling intelligent workflow automation. It also offers an easily searchable and secure contract repository.

Additionally, its ad hoc, custom contract management reports, system dashboards, and calendars provide extra visibility. With these features and others, CobbleStone helps clients intelligently draft contract terms, protect sensitive data, proactively assess employee accountability, and generates reports on contract AI tools – such as OFAC search compliance. While these are only some of the many  CLM tools CobbleStone has introduced since its founding, it excitedly anticipates introducing many more future-minded contract lifecycle management software features in the years to come.

CobbleStone is committed to offering users an immersive and user-friendly contract lifecycle management system,” said Mark Nastasi, President of CobbleStone.

Along with being an immersive online contract lifecycle management system, CobbleStone Contract Insight is also available to users through Android and iOS applications. The CobbleStone Contract Insight application is modernized and flexible, allowing users to use the software anytime. VISDOM AI enables users to streamline their CLM, enhancing their experience. CobbleStone’s VISDOM AI can identify over 140 clause types – including IP clauses, waivers, confidentiality clauses, and amendments. Moreover, VISDOM’S robust machine learning capabilities draw upon over 700,000 clauses and counting to intelligently support contract drafting and negotiation processes.

Using its years of knowledge, CobbleStone believes in providing optimum services that exceed expectations and respecting its clients and environment. CobbleStone prioritizes simplifying legal ops to meet business objectives and enrich the AI system. It allows users to integrate processes and applications, making the contract lifecycle more manageable.

The New Jersey-based company boasts a global portfolio – as many organizations within the public and private sectors from a variety of industries continue to benefit from CobbleStone’s award-winning contract management software.