Coforge – Digital IT Solutions & Technology Consulting Services

As a leading travel and hospitality company, Coforge is on a mission to reform the travel and hospitality landscape through the power of technology. Like other sectors, the travel industry is also moving towards digital transformation. Coforge provides global digital services and specialized solutions to its clients. With its expert technologies and tools, Coforge aims to empower its clients and help them achieve real-world business goals.

Coforge partners with various industries, including insurance, travel and transportation, banking and finance, healthcare, hi-tech, media, retail, and the public sector, to understand their expectations. Since the current landscape relies on online facilities, Coforge provides its clients with cloud, data, and automation services. Its clients expand and grow their enterprises using Coforge’s customized and customer-centric tools.

Founded in 2004, Coforge has decades of experience and knowledge to understand the industry’s needs. It uses its team of experts to create platforms worldwide to support power critical business processes. With offices in 21 countries and 25 delivery centers in nine nations, Coforge builds ecosystem-based innovations. Its services and solutions are the joint efforts of its expertise, global technology vendors, solution providers, and its clients.

The travel and hospitality company uses its tools and resources to combat the challenges encountered in the present-day system. Issues like low staff retention, changing marketing trends, rising travel and accommodation costs, housekeeping problems, guest patterns, and poor data security are blocking travel transformation. Coforge’s unique IT services deliver promising and cost-efficient solutions that cater to every sector and increase profit margins.

New digital technology solutions work to balance customer needs within their budget. Coforge’s digital services provide enterprises with a digital backbone, intelligent operations, and an intelligent connected experience. The company empowers businesses to strategize, develop, and leverage the latest technology to produce efficient, practical, and beneficial solutions. Coforge’s excellent industry knowledge helps it amplify its clients’ and their customers’ digital experiences.

We shall continue to follow the playbook, which has made us one of the fastest-growing IT services firms on both the revenue and operating profit growth parameters. Our differentiation derives from our operating culture, capabilities, and our approach towards execution,” said Sudhir Singh, CEO and Executive Director of Coforge.

Coforge’s digital services include digital integration that provides end-to-end services and adopts an API-first approach through customized technologies. Organizations can unlock any digital backbone, assess the current system, and leverage their assets. In addition to digital integration, Coforge’s digital interactive tool uses partner-led technologies to produce accurate results. Digital interaction also allows companies ROI to customers in the insurance and travel sectors.

Automation has revolutionized businesses from a multi-dimensional and transformational perspective. Instead of focusing on an infrastructural system, Coforge’s automation tool offers cognitive solutions and built-in cost-efficient business models. It provides various features, including RPA, Robotic Desktop, and Intelligent Workflow. Another digital services tool that Coforge offers is quality-engineering services. Coforge delivers AI-driven, lean-powered software that processes designs, resources, and governance to prevent waste.

With its AI, Data, and Insights services, Coforge enables AI-led transformation through machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing. It uses AI tools to reshape business goals and streamline functions. Coforge’s expert solutions and skillsets assist enterprises in advisory and consulting, scale execution, building strategic partnerships, and accelerating solutions.

Coforge’s AI-powered business analytics enables business models to leverage data science to make informed business decisions. Given the constant industry evolution, organizations use business insights to utilize data and build AI and ML-based tools that generate strategic operations. Artificial Intelligence-driven data engineering tools carry innovation using cutting-edge technologies, new systems, data modernization, and scaling enterprise-level data management.

Experts predict that 50% of organizations will stop investing in market-led solutions and lose their shares and new digital market entries to their competitors by 2023. Coforge’s digital process automation service offers new and unique digital systems. Its technology uses digitization to automate, create, coordinate, and optimize organizational activities. With the help of robust business infrastructure, companies can enhance their value chains and vital functions.

Coforge’s digital automation solution consists of four components that oversee the entire process. Its workflow management feature aligns processes with the company’s end goals, designs and incorporates process architectures, and establishes management solutions. The AI and predictive analyses component implements data mining, statistical modeling, and AI and ML to perform data analysis and predictions.

The RPA tool automates simple functions across various platforms and prevents data repetition. Finally, the case management feature provides a platform to explore work, improve alignment, and build clear communication between team members.

Coforge designs fast, scalable, and secure digital tools with its cloud and infrastructure services. Its futuristic model combines domain and technology with engineering convergence to understand, measure, rethink, and strengthen multi-cloud platforms. Coforge uses its in-house tools, analytics systems, automation, and hybrid cloud to analyze new trends. It optimizes and improves performance and resilience.

Working with Coforge’s AIOps platform allows clients to access catalog-led policies, multi-speed operating models, cloud migration, and engineering skills. Coforge enables its clients to leverage cloud services, set up remote data centers, access the network 24/7, implement service integration, and work using their preferred working mode.

Cybersecurity is a prevalent issue in the present digital sphere. Enterprises require a robust cybersecurity network to secure their data and experience uninterrupted growth. Coforge’s cybersecurity services allow its customers to defend their systems from cyber threats. Its advanced and industry-centered threat intelligence builds a protected business landscape.

Coforge’s integrated cybersecurity tools empower customers to incorporate real-time threat-preventative features through multi-dimensional, continuous, and automated management. Its services provide threat identification, detection, response, and recovery across all platforms. The cybersecurity tool includes various features, including security incident management, threat intelligence, identity and access management, workplace security, risk governance, and phishing detection and training.

Headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, Coforge extends its services to companies across the globe. One of Coforge’s customers, a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company, required tools to manage IAM solutions and create a security awareness program for its employees. The client needed an advanced cybersecurity system to improve its identity and access management. The pharmaceutical firm wanted to educate its employees on security awareness using IAM tools.

Coforge used its ACE framework to assist its client in establishing an IAM strategy. The India-based company integrated the OKTA IAM solution with the customer’s active directory. The service integration allowed the onboarding of sixteen customer applications and users and centrally managed the company’s IAM processes. Coforge used its PAT service to build and implement security awareness and training programs, automate IAM processes, and improve user experience. Coforge’s security and training program improved its client’s spam identification by 20%.