Cohesity – Leading Data Security & Data Management Platform

Data lies at the heart of organizations. With all internal and external operations centering around data, the influx of data across cloud platforms is rapidly increasing. Enterprises must learn to manage data properly while protecting it against ransomware attacks. As a leading CISCO solution provider, Cohesity designs and implements innovative solutions that keep data safe and ensure its constant availability.

Keeping cyber resilience and data management at the forefront, Cohesity provides its clients with productive data security solutions that are otherwise complex and resource-consuming. With an emphasis on immutability, Cohesity’s CISCO solutions adopt a multi-layered approach to data protection against ransomware, detecting potential attacks, and accelerating recovery processes according to individual client requirements. In addition to data security, Cohesity reduces the components needed to manage data, enhancing operational efficiency and allowing organizations to spend resources on priority tasks.

As the only certified comprehensive data security and management solution on CISCO’s cloud-operated UCS X-Series Modular System, Cohesity has set itself apart by powering hybrid- and multi-cloud platforms. By integrating with CISO Intesight, HyperFlex, and SecureX, Cohesity solidifies the three primary data management and security components: protection, detection, and recovery.

Cohesity’s CISCO solutions offer steady backup snapshots combined with Write Once Read Many (WORM) features to protect data from unauthorized modification or deletion. With comprehensive access controls, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), role-based access controls (RBAC), and quorum or multiple approvals, Cohesity mitigates risks, thereby boosting data safety. Furthermore, CISCO solutions embedded with value chain security ensure the technology is up-to-date, genuine, and built to fight tampering.

Cohesity also operates on CISCO UCS X-Series Modular System using CISCO Intersight to design modern backup and recovery solutions. These future-ready solutions safeguard and consolidate the primary workload storage, the files and object services associated with those workloads, and other operations on a single architecture within CISCO UCS for rapid and unparalleled flash-optimized recovery.

Furthermore, Cohesity FortKnox solutions provide modern isolation and recovery abilities with an immutable data copy in a SaaS-based cloud vault managed and operated by Cohesity. Continuing to make data management safer for clients, Cohesity SmartFiles on CISCO UCS enables unstructured data protection by creating a modern converged target for safely consolidating and managing structure-less content and application data, such as digital libraries, archives, media, video content, large data sets, and backup data. Moreover, Cohesity integrates with CISCO Duo to provide secure access to dedicated and multi-tenant Cohesity clusters through convenient single sign-on (SSO) support.

After protection comes detection; considering the necessity of threat detection, Cohesity’s solutions use AI/ML-powered data anomalies to identify potential ransomware threats and other malicious attacks. Additionally, the cyber vulnerability discovery driven by Tenable helps clients find gaps in the systems and data before the recovery process.

When combined with CISCO SecureX, Cohesity’s solutions offer first-of-its-kind integrated data protection that analyzes data context to boost threat intelligence, accelerate recovery, and make it easier to investigate and mitigate ransomware attacks.

Cohesity’s recovery solutions instantly mass restore data at scale to any given snapshot. Using CISCO UCS, Cohesity develops a computing model to enable fast server configuration and leverages ML-driven clean recovery tools to ensure the snapshot data is free from malicious cyber vulnerabilities and attacks. Cohesity merges its integrated protection solution with CISCO UCS X-Series Module Systems to enable data recovery, allowing organizations to backup, copy, archive, or recover files and data on-premises or on the cloud.

We are out-innovating and out-growing our competition, and with our solutions to protect data and recover from ransomware attacks, coupled with the promise of our work in AI, the future looks very bright. — Sanjay Poonen, President and CEO

Cohesity’s solutions are not only limited to hybrid cloud; they also offer flexible SaaS deployment. With its Cloud Services, Cohesity lets enterprises secure and manage data across on-premises and cloud platforms. Data flexibility across different mediums allows companies to scale on demand and improve innovation using advanced Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services while saving IT resources and reducing infrastructure management expenses.

As a top CISCO solution provider, Cohesity simplifies data security and management by delivering a broad set of data services on CISCO UCS with one platform and user interface, whether across core, cloud, and edge or leveraging it as a service. CISCO ensures consolidated data backup, archiving, disaster recovery, developing or testing, and running analytics on a single platform. The CISCO solutions also prevent risk by reducing the attack bandwidth, building walls against ransomware attacks, and beginning the data recovery process beforehand. Cohesity also allows organizations to gain data insights for cybersecurity, compliance, or analytics using Cohesity Marketplace applications.

Moreover, in its quest to make the digital world safer for data storage and management, Cohesity’s integration with CISCO SecurityX breaks down data security silos with comprehensive Data Cloud and CISCO SecureX platforms, enables unified visibility by instantly discovering and responding to data cyberattacks, and making operations more efficient by automating and accelerating SecOps collaborations with ITOps and NetOps through data protection workflows.

Cohesity has a dynamic portfolio highlighting its contribution to data management and protection. One of Cohesity’s clients, a hospital, operated on a system comprising over 2,500 users, including clinical staff, researchers, and administrators. The multi-site facility ran across five locations on two data centers that managed over 160 TB of data.

The server environment included a virtualized environment built on VMware vSphere, Windows and Linux machines, Microsoft SQL, network-attached storage, and various databases for data storage. However, the high use of Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) technology requires high storage capacity. The hospital wanted a solution that would solve multiple challenges, such as designing a simplified data management platform, eliminating data silos, and enabling faster document search and retrieval.

Cohesity implemented its solutions across four clusters with CISCO UCS C220 M5, Intersight, and SecureX, creating a secure, web-scale solution authorized by CISCO Validated Design. The new system integrated seamlessly with existing VMware, Windows, Linux, SQL, and Oracle technologies, sped up document search and retrieval, simplified processes for IT teams, enabled high-performance backup and restore operations, and limited data storage requirements. Furthermore, given the urgent need for anti-ransomware protection, the Cohesity-SecureX integration expanded the SecOps and ITOps collaboration to prevent and mitigate cyberattacks.

With Cohesity’s help, the hospital witnessed a 35% TCO reduction; a 25% reduction in CapEx and OpEX; a 40% reduction in storage space, with data de-duplication and compression increased by five-times; accelerated individual file retrieval processes; and backup time reduced by over 50%.