Cohesity – Next-Gen Data Management

As a leading intelligent data management company, Cohesity believes in reforming the data management landscape. Data handling is the core of every enterprise, and Cohesity aims to make modern data management more accessible. Considering the complexity of today’s data environment, Cohesity assists its clients by breaking down their data, managing it, and unlocking its true potential.

Every enterprise requires data in its most evolved form to run its operations and functions. Most organizations find harnessing and extracting valuable information from raw data challenging, resulting in unused and obsolete raw data. Cohesity helps companies process the acquired data and use it for data backup, recovery, analysis, protection, infrastructure, security, transformation, software maintenance, and cloud computing.

Various trends impact the current data management sphere. Companies and users encounter challenges that hinder their growth. Cohesity’s experts and partners, including Amazon, Cisco, Google, HPE, Microsoft, VMware, and Pure Storage, create organic solutions to make data more manageable. Cohesity’s data backup and recovery solution solves the issue of losing data by eliminating data silos and boosting data value at lower TCO to simplify the backup and recovery of old and new data on a single server.

Addressing the data protection concerns, Cohesity implemented data security and ransomware recovery solutions that allow organizations to control data security risks and compliance issues and strengthen IT architecture. Cohesity offers disaster recovery methods that provide near-zero application downtime, prevent data loss, and improve business continuity. Additionally, the disaster recovery solution automates failover and failback systems, reduces TCO, and enhances uninterrupted DR testing.

With organizations switching to remote or hybrid operations, cloud maintenance is necessary. Cohesity solidifies its clients’ multi-cloud strategies by providing backup, recovery, testing, archiving, and data analysis across public cloud platforms.

We are a data management and data security company. We’re not just a purely security company. We’re doing both, and we do it well, intelligently, and thoughtfully. Security is going to be built into our platform, not bolted on,” said Sanjay Poonen, CEO and President of Cohesity, Inc.

Launched in 2013, Cohesity uses years of experience and knowledge to build and deliver products and platforms that integrate and support its solutions. The company’s SaaS platform simplifies data protection, security, governance, and analysis by generating a comprehensive data management portfolio.

Instead of manually managing the infrastructure, Cohesity automatically handles cloud migration, protects and isolates data, and identifies and eliminates threats. In addition to backup and data governance, enterprises can secure their data with flexible key management using certificates like SOC2 Type II.

Through its DataProtect platform, Cohesity simplifies and automates data using converged backup and backup solutions and creating a unified user experience using a single UI to manage backup and recovery processes. It globally searches and instantly recovers lost data by setting rapid recovery points, enabling quick global search, and instantly mass restoring recovered files and applications, such as VMs and MegaFile.

Cohesity’s FortKnox product isolates data to boost ransomware protection. As a SaaS data protection and recovery method, FortKnox increases cyber resilience using an indestructible copy of data in a Cohesity-managed cloud vault that provides a virtual air gap.

The data management company supports files with the help of its SmartFiles platform, which supports NFS, SMB, and S3. SmartFiles provides cyber resilience and consistency and allows organizations to operate at their pace using additional nodes.

SiteContinuity is another Cohesity tool that automates disaster recovery failover according to an enterprise’s individual and specific needs. It provides continuous access without adding infrastructure silos, complex actions, or added costs. This tool simplifies disaster recovery, allowing Cohesity’s clients to bounce back instantly from data breaches or leaks.

The San Jose, California-based company has helped multiple organizations harness, manage, and recover their data effectively, conveniently, and cost-efficiently. For instance, Nationwide, a US-headquartered mutual investment company, depends on digital services to design new policies, process claims, and analyze investments. Nationwide’s IT department required more secure software to support over 21 petabytes of data. The mutual investment company needed a platform to restore VMs instantly in case of a data center outage, security breach, or operating system malfunction.

Using Cohesity’s SmartFiles, Nationwide was able to back up thousands of VMs and databases and replace the legacy network. SmartFiles also allowed them to scan unstructured data, such as scanned images and documents. Cohesity’s tools helped Nationwide save around $2 million per year, speed up data recovery, and implement faster processing IT operations like data recovery, file and object storage, and cloud backups.