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Digital transformation has become integral to every industry, and Cohesive understands its importance. Cohesive spearheads the digital revolution by empowering organizations with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), delivery, and performance by leveraging innovative new technologies and trends disrupting the market. As a leading IBM solutions provider, Cohesive harnesses advanced technologies to unlock new growth opportunities for enterprises and accelerate their complete asset lifecycle management.

The collaboration between Cohesive and IBM has created a powerful global technology alliance. This partnership propels businesses to new heights, harnessing artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and digital twins to enhance efficiency and performance.

As one of the most trusted IBM partners, Cohesive is the world’s largest provider of IBM Maximo. The convergence of Cohesive and IBM’s Maximo Application Suite (MAS) allows organizations to unleash the value of their assets and extract actionable insights from their EAM programs. With Cohesive, businesses can drive sustainable operational excellence and adopt an integrated approach to digital Enterprise Asset Management by capturing relevant information within the EAM system and gaining instant access to reliable and updated data.

Cohesive not only provides organization-wide integrated support to organizations that maximize their assets’ lifelong value but also leverages its industry knowledge and expertise to identify the EAM solution that best suits unique company needs, enables informed decision-making, and allows companies to take proactive measures.

What establishes Cohesive as a market leader is its knowledge of industry trends and challenges, which it draws on to maximize IBM Maximo’s full potential. With its experience, Cohesive drives efficient asset management by increasing productivity with integrated asset views, optimized schedules, workflows, and work orders to boost revenue and reduce costs.

Cohesive assists Maximo customers across the globe and regularly delivers Maximo upgrades to maintain operational efficiency. The company also hosts IBM Maximo users throughout Cohesive Hosting, becoming one of the first companies to digitally implement the Maximo Application Suite. Cohesive’s expertise in data management, insight optimization, and add-on integrations enhances asset performance and ensures enterprise-wide change management.

As the industry moves towards digitalization, companies have expressed concerns regarding digital security and privacy. Cohesive understands and addresses these concerns by creating a secure environment that allows organizations to own and control their data. Its end-to-end lifecycle management, tailored approach to individual security needs, and compliance with ISO 55000 standards build a robust, secure system, ensuring the safety of users’ sensitive data.

By leveraging IBM‘s advanced technologies and our unparalleled expertise and services, we deliver an unmatched experience to businesses and support them in their digital transformation endeavors. — Colin Ellam, CEO

Sustainability has become a cornerstone of business growth and success. It is no longer a choice but a necessity. Designing a strategic ESG roadmap, ensuring optimum ESG performance, and meeting sustainability goals are the pillars of a responsible organization. Cohesive, with IBM’s Envizi ESG suite, allows companies to satisfy their ESG goals. This partnership assists companies by optimizing their energy consumption, reducing operational costs, and reducing their carbon footprint.

IBM Envizi is a leading-edge software that allows organizations to operate within the designed environment to make data-driven decisions, streamline processes, and achieve sustainable objectives. This IBM offering, combined with Cohesive’s technological and industry prowess, automates collecting and consolidating over 500 data types while adhering to international ESG reporting standards.

This state-of-the-art IBM software builds a single ESG data foundation by enabling a single system of record that makes it easier for companies to measure, report, and achieve sustainability outcomes. IBM Envizi is the world’s most comprehensive data analytics and insights platform to ensure sustainability and ESG—Cohesive and IBM’s collaboration aligns companies’ unique ESG goals with relevant ESG frameworks and regulations, allowing organizations to prepare Scope 1,2 and 3 data for compliance to satisfy auditors with finance-grade data management. Cohesive also leverages Envizi’s modeling tools to optimize emissions reductions.

Cohesive’s wide range of digital services not only sets it apart as a pioneer in digital transformation but also empowers organizations to embrace sustainability and positively reform the planet. By adopting a customer-centric approach and incorporating cutting-edge tools, data analytics, and expert insights, Cohesive delivers comprehensive solutions that make companies more aware of the best sustainable practices.

Established in 1998, Cohesive has over two decades of experience helping organizations navigate the ever-changing and complex digital transformation landscape. The Exton, Pennsylvania-based company has assisted enterprises worldwide in streamlining operations and meeting sustainability requirements safely and efficiently by providing them with IBM products and expert solutions. One of Cohesive’s clients, a part of one of Europe’s largest independent terminal operators, wanted to implement an advanced asset management system.

Since the company operates in one of Europe’s most important ports and serves as a universal terminal for 24-hour shipment services and storage of dry bulk cargoes, it wanted to improve its efficiency, organize asset management, and eliminate paperwork to build a central repository of all asset-related information. To address these challenges, Cohesive implemented IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6 and a custom mobile application.

Cohesive’s IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6 platform comprised various models, such as asset management, warranty, asset meters, contracts, inventory, and crafts and competencies. All the data was prepared based on the information within the legacy systems and migrated from Excel files or technical documentation. Cohesive designed an asset repository with classifications and records of asset ownership agreements to monitor asset downtime during maintenance or breakdowns. The company also built an inventory management software to complete work orders and planning processes. Moreover, Cohesive also provided the staff management required for maintenance tasks, including competencies, skills, and shifts.

Moreover, Cohesive added a custom mobile application that supported work orders and failed reporting. Combined with IBM Maximo Asset Management, both solutions reformed the client’s asset operations by allowing asset tracking, management, and maintenance and gaining real-time access to resources and work order information. The company also automated business processes to improve records and access the past performance of asset lifecycles, allowing it to improve work management and reduce the time from failure reporting.