Collibra – Data Catalog, Data Governance & Data Quality

Today, the professional world and the digital world are deeply interconnected. It’s the synergy between the two that helps businesses thrive. With cloud data management, enterprises are able to safeguard their data and make the most out of it. Most companies are looking for fully integrated platforms, making the systematic organization of data easier and effortless.

This is where Collibra steps in. Founded in 2008, this enterprise software company relies on the idea that “good data” can bring businesses and customers closer, building stronger, harmonious relationships. They offer a Data Intelligence Cloud Platform that works across all departments in a business and brings data under one comprehensive system.

The Co-Founder and CEO of Collibra, Felix Van De Maele, explains how Collibra started from the idea of data governance and transformed it into a fully-integrated data intelligence platform. He says, “Our evolution as a company, we started from governance and started adding capabilities, data catalog, data lineage, again, how does data flow through your organization, data privacy, and our most recent data quality. The way we think of it is like data intelligence, that’s really an organization’s ability to understand its entire data landscape. Trust that the data is used in the right way and then automate these workflows.”

According to Van De Maele, three major aspects form the basis of Collibra. The first involves data governance, catalogs, and lineage. The other aspect is quality and understanding of data usage and workflow across the enterprise. Finally, and most importantly, they focus on data privacy and security. There’s so much transformation happening, all at the same time, that most companies cannot manage their data correctly. Van De Maele understands the pitfalls that cause businesses to not fully utilize their data’s potential, and says, “We’ve (also) seen that the number of people involved in producing, changing, and consuming data has grown incredibly. And that has led to chaos. And that chaos leads to what I call data FUD – fear, uncertainty, and doubt. And when you don’t trust your data, you’re not going to use it. You’re going to continue to follow your gut when making decisions. You’re not going to leverage all of your investments in data.”

Van De Maele emphasizes the idea of “trusting the data .”Collibra collaborates with companies to facilitate a data-driven culture. Collibra focuses on metadata management. They collect metadata instead of storing the actual data. This way, the companies don’t have to worry about their real data being moved around. Instead, with Collibra’s careful cataloging and enhanced privacy, you can completely trust your data.

For the past eight years, Collibra has seen tremendous growth. One of the top Innovative Data Analytics Companies to Watch in 2022, Collibra has built a flexible, convenient, comprehensive, and scalable platform.

Collibra has six important values that drive their company’s goal, one of which is “One Collibra.” For Van De Maele, working together and experiencing both successes and failures creates a holistic work environment. This is what drives Collibra towards achievements: the unity they share among themselves and the unity they wish to instill in their clients. Above all, they believe in complete customer satisfaction. They find that respect, transparent communication, and openness lead to a healthy client relationship.