COLOR Creative – Full-Service Seattle-based Creative Agency

COLOR is an award-winning, full-service creative agency at the forefront of the Business to Human (B2H) marketing revolution. Founded in 2016 as a small group of indie filmmakers, COLOR’s success at creating better content for big brands has led to steady growth and accolades.

Now a team of 90+ accomplished creatives, including ex-enterprise tech employees, touring musicians, editors, animators, marketers, strategists, film producers, and game developers, COLOR sets a fine example of visual storytelling that brings brands to life.

Business to Business (B2B) marketing took the world by storm in the early 2000s, but when compared to Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing, the former often feels clinical and rote.

Marketing 3.0 is all about B2H marketing – a refreshing diversion from the tired tropes of white-collar attire, beige environments, and dull language. B2H taps into human emotions, connects with an audience, and uses this to guide their marketing choices.

Legacy B2B agencies often lack a balance between strong creative and enterprise experience, especially in the tech sector. While conventional creative agencies shied away from the B2B space, COLOR not only identified the gap but filled it. By bringing artists together with ex-enterprise employees, COLOR delivers consumer-level marketing to the B2B space while maintaining the nuances of B2B language.

COLOR’s mission as stated by Elie Goral, Founder and Executive Director, is, “We partner with big brands to inspire innovative ideas and create clever content with a polished finish. Because, in such a loud world, we believe that personality makes a brand stand out”.

This outlook is what makes COLOR stand out amongst the competition. When paired with its core values of being humble, tenacious, clever, and fun, the company becomes unbeatable. COLOR maintains those values through its hiring practices, curating a team that gels well while leaving room for individual personalities to shine.

“We don’t want to be an agnostic agency that brings a blank, sanitized palette to each brand.  We believe we are part of our service as well. It’s our authenticity and personality that helps bring the content to life,” says Elie Goral.

COLOR fosters creativity by creating a work environment where people can have fun. In addition, the company offers comprehensive health care, unique benefits, and an inclusive work environment. For its efforts, COLOR was named a “Top 10 Place to Work” by Seattle Business Magazine and received Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year Award 2021, Culture, Gold.

COLOR’s culture, personality, and willingness to take risks is reflected in its work. When Red Bull wanted to shift how they were perceived by their audience, COLOR suggested that it shed a little bit of its “bro” reputation and create a documentary on a Portland clothing designer who is a part of the LGBTQ community. The resulting video garnered massive attention and was lauded for its approach to human-centric marketing—no Red Bull products were ever shown.

With current offices in Seattle (HQ) and Los Angeles, COLOR has international expansion plans to open a London office, beef up its strategy team to offer more comprehensive campaign support, and grow its B2C clientele and gaming footprint. In addition, COLOR continues to help develop its sister company, CURATOR, a creative production partner with a roster of savvy, award-winning filmmakers, whose mission is to elevate the expertise of women, non-binary and POC professionals.

COLOR will continue to strategically scale while ensuring that its rich culture of creativity doesn’t waver. After all, business to human content is only as good as the humans creating it. No company knows this better than COLOR.