Compass Community Living – A Provider of Food & Support Services For Seniors

The food landscape follows two types of outsourcing partnerships for optimal results: conventional models or a collaborative and transparent system. As a leading food service management company, CCL (Compass Community Living) takes the latter approach, entering each partnership with a keen focus on clients, customers, and leadership. CCL believes in transforming hospitality experiences by understanding critical business needs and devising personalized solutions. CCL is comprised of three distinct brands, Unidine, Morrison Living, and Coreworks, and drives the food and support services industry with innovation, passion, and a progressive management style.

CCL Hospitality Group (aka Compass Community Living) focuses on six aspects of a partnership: infrastructure, service culture, consultation, results-oriented business solutions, market intelligence, and brand expertise. CCL Hospitality Group assesses the business models of each client and addresses their needs and requirements to create personalized solutions catered to their goals. With its client-centered approach, CCL Hospitality Group devises strategies to prevent the issues hindering financial outcomes, such as supply chain, staffing, cost management, and marketability.

Leading the charge is the CEO of CCL, Dan Natterman. A talent in the hospitality industry, Dan started his journey in dining operations and management. This hands-on experience and his success inevitability opened the opportunity to oversee strategic initiatives for CCL as Chief Growth Officer, paving the way to position the company as the top outsourcing provider in today’s market. As the CEO, Dan firmly believes that an organization’s most significant competitive advantage is its team, and maintaining a strong culture of service is critical to driving results. Dan is clear in his vision and commitment to differentiating CCL Hospitality Group and the communities they serve from their competition by guiding team members to become masters of their craft and developing custom solutions for an ever-evolving client base.

Our team members are a critical part of our current and future successes, and my approach from day one has been to recognize our people are our core and to ensure each team member knows we are supporting their personal and professional success in addition to CCL’s,” said Dan Natterman, CEO of CCL Hospitality Group.

The conversation of staffing concerns in the hospitality industry does not seem to be going away any time soon. Therefore, CCL Hospitality Group leverages its marketing power to acquire localized talent in markets undergoing labor shortages, combating staffing challenges. CCL uses a tech-forward, person-centric outbound marketing approach to inform talented individuals of new and rising opportunities within their geographical areas.

With over 15,000 experts on its team, CCL Hospitality Group provides high-quality and world-class culinary and support services. Its dedicated and hardworking team members use their expertise, skills, and training to strategize and draw innovative solutions to build a hospitality-centric, business-first environment. A happy and positive client-management relationship is the mark of a successful business; CCL is a hospitality group that delivers solutions that cater to its clients’ unique needs, making the company stand out.

Also affecting stakeholders within the hospitality industry are issues of supply chain, primarily around purchasing availability and inflation. In today’s climate, clients expect reliable and instant information, insights, and analytics to make confident and calculated decisions and predict outcomes. CCL Hospitality Group provides its clients with comprehensive market insights and data across various hospitality and food service industries to create modernized and customized solutions to balance the supply chain and keep up with evolving market trends.

CCL maintains a direct partnership with Foodbuy, the largest US food service procurement organization in the United States. This partnership provides CCL the opportunity to call on relationships with various distribution channels and sourcing solutions. Through open communication Foodbuy and CCL Hospitality Group are able to define and meet the company’s expectations, receive feedback, and implement suitable measures to address customer concerns; set affordable prices on healthier foods; reduced carbon footprint.

Service-focused culture, leadership and engagement, and positive customer experiences are the pillars of a thriving outsource organization. CCL’s management and innovative solutions help senior living communities differentiate their dining programs, implement the use of world-class technologies, and provide exceptional customer service.

Rather than follow traditional outsourcing solutions, CCL Hospitality Group offers unique and unconventional alternatives. CCL does not just hand out off-the-shelf food service management guides to teams, expecting them to operate the department. Rather, CCL is an on-the-ground organization that ensures all its communities are equipped with the tools and resources needed to perform their jobs while exceeding expectations. CCL’s managers and leadership teams show active involvement every step of the way and enable open communication and responsiveness, making CCL Hospitality Group a collaborative extension of its client’s operations.

What sets CCL Hospitality Group apart is its vision to reform the present and transform the future. The company’s client-centered approach motivates it to expand its footprint and enhance its platforms to deliver optimum results. CCL is not a vendor but a partner that builds relationships based on dedication, loyalty, transparency, honesty, and hard work. Despite being a large organization, CCL is flexible and adaptable in its approach, allowing it to act fast at the intersection of versatility and customization, providing its clients with both scalable and personalized tools. CCL’s customer-first approach enriches its future, enabling it to expand its clientele and widen its reach.

CCL kicked off 2023 with a new and engaging approach to connecting team members nationwide, a CEO Roadshow. CCL’s team of experts in finance, supply chain, operations, and marketing tour across the US to connect with leaders and colleagues on a more personal level.

With its new strategy, CCL Hospitality Group is increasing client and customer satisfaction as a result of creating high-touch and trusted relationships, exhibiting a caring spirit toward its team members, and providing an optimum experience that exceeds its guests’ expectations.

The CEO Road Show aims to unite people working separately in today’s day-to-day operations, allowing them to grow, learn, and ask questions. It also allows them to share success stories and identify improvement areas to serve current and future employees, partners, and customers better. The CEO Road Show offers CCL Hospitality Group team members a platform to have meaningful face time with each other and all levels of leadership to share, receive, and listen to valuable feedback and align on a shared vision.