Compliance Solutions Strategies – The Best of Breed in Regulatory Data Solutions

Navigating the intricate terrain of global regulatory compliance poses an ongoing challenge for financial services firms. The industry demands a meticulous approach to ensure adherence to mandatory requirements. In response to this need, Compliance Solutions Strategies (CSS) emerges as a beacon of comprehensive solutions within the regulatory technology space. With a suite of technology-driven services, CSS empowers financial institutions to seamlessly meet and exceed their regulatory obligations.

At the core of CSS’s strategic methodology is a holistic Regulatory Technology (RegTech) platform, uniquely conceptualized as Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS)–an innovative platform that addresses the multifaceted challenges of global regulatory compliance. It’s an end-to-end solution that proficiently tackles these five pivotal areas–Fund Reporting, Investment Monitoring, Transaction Reporting, Compliance Management, and Regulatory Book of Record–crucial for maintaining compliance on a global scale.

CSS offers a holistic suite of services to empower clients with the tools and strategic partnerships needed to navigate regulatory complexities seamlessly while ensuring they meet obligations effectively in an ever-evolving regulatory environment. — Mark Evans, CEO and Founder

The first pillar of CSS’s approach is Fund Reporting, a comprehensive end-to-end technology solution that sets industry standards for depth and breadth of coverage. Leveraging integrated data management, regulatory reporting software, and document production capabilities, this aspect ensures that financial entities can meet mandatory regulatory requirements with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Leveraging a centralized data management system known as the Regulatory Book of Record (RBOR), CSS aggregates, validates, and normalizes data from various sources, including client data, market data, and service provider data. The RBOR feeds into Longboat Analytics, providing essential fund analytics, data, and website solutions in key regions. Fund Focus, a user-friendly online tool, equips financial advisers with daily updated market data analytics, facilitating better investment decisions and client portfolio management.

As part of CSS’s Fund Reporting platform, Silverfinch serves as a regulatory data exchange, streamlining the secure and efficient exchange of regulatory fund data. Currently used by over 600 asset managers, Silverfinch covers various regulations, including Solvency II, PRIIPs, MiFID II, UK pension reporting, and German regulations (GroMkVi and VAG).

Silverfinch offers three distinct service options: Data Dissemination, Data Aggregation, and Template Creation & Calculations. It provides asset managers with a centralized venue for disseminating regulatory data, enables investors to source required data efficiently, and supports the creation and calculation of regulatory templates.

CSS’s platform excels in providing periodic filings to regulators across multiple jurisdictions, including MMFR, AIFMD Annex IV, CPO-PQR, Form PF, and various others. The recent acquisition of AMFINE in 2020 has strengthened CSS’s position by integrating SaaS-based regulatory reporting services, allowing for a fully end-to-end compliance reporting platform.

CSS’s Investment Monitoring platform automates and simplifies shareholder disclosure, industry monitoring, and position limit monitoring, ensuring financial institutions stay ahead of regulatory changes globally. The Transaction Reporting platform seamlessly captures, consolidates, and reports transaction data, supporting various regulations, including MiFID II and SFTR.

The Compliance Management platform offers a centralized solution with integrated workflow, facilitating the documentation and promulgation of policies, procedures, and manuals. It covers a range of compliance functions, from risk assessments to code of ethics management and trade surveillance. From outsourcing the Chief Compliance Officer role to conducting e-communications reviews and cybersecurity assessments, CSS optimizes existing compliance programs. It also offers customized compliance programs for the burgeoning cryptocurrency market.

CSS’s cybersecurity services assist firms in assessing, protecting, and monitoring their cybersecurity risks, offering services such as policy development, network vulnerability scans, penetration testing, and dark web monitoring. Its Registration service guides organizations through the complex processes with regulatory bodies, including the SEC, FINRA, and NFA/CFTC, providing support in preparing documentation and managing compliance requirements.

CSS’s Form CRS Automator remains a pivotal tool in the industry, automating the creation of Form CRS by linking existing Form ADV data. This allows investment advisers and broker-dealers to comply with regulatory filing requirements efficiently.

Compliance Solutions Strategies has positioned itself as a market leader with a focus on technology, expertise, and managed services. It continues to empower organizations to navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence and precision.