ComplySci – Compliance software solutions that simplify and streamline

Compliance technology enables compliance professionals to transform their businesses by unlocking the power of compliance in their organizations. ComplySci is a pioneer in compliance software and provides robust and innovative solutions for a wide range of industries.

Founded in 2003, ComplySci has consistently advocated for regulatory technology and data. It has extensive industry expertise, allowing it to comprehend the compliance community in a variety of industries. ComplySci genuinely understands the needs of compliance teams, and it constantly develops its solutions based on customer input, as well as its world-class product roadmap.

ComplySci has a strong commitment to innovation, which has propelled it to the forefront of the compliance technology industry. Established by the early pioneers in the creation of automated compliance management systems, ComplySci has since grown to become one of the world’s most renowned and respected firms, with over 1,400 clients, many of which are some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Several compliance officers rely on its automated and scalable platform to manage, reduce, and anticipate risk, traverse changing regulations quickly, and realize the strategic value of company data.

The ComplySci Platform is a web-based compliance monitoring tool that observes employee activity with respect to the company’s rules and regulations. ComplySci essentially breaks down information silos, simplifies processes, and provides CCOs and compliance teams with a comprehensive perspective of employee conflicts of interest. It helps mitigate risks that are related to personal trading, political contributions, marketing materials, private placements, gifts and entertainment, and IPOs.

ComplySci’s solutions also include compliance reporting and analytics capabilities. It enables clients to easily execute compliance reports for internal audits, management meetings, and examinations. ComplySci has provided over 200 direct broker feeds and even reduced time spent on data gathering and reporting by 60%.

It also provides its clients with the ComplySci Compliance Program Management, which is a calendaring and task management technology solution. Compliance Program Management provides many calendar levels, allowing clients to switch between the obligations of certain individuals, teams, regulatory bodies, offices, and other entities. ComplySci’s compliance program management provides clients full transparency into their compliance responsibilities, deadlines, results, and any follow-up actions required by them.

One of the most important facets of ComplySci is its customer service. ComplySci is dedicated to the award-winning service that it provides to its clients. Its deep industry experience allows its team to give the best levels of customer assistance and satisfaction to all the organizations associated with it.

“We want you to succeed. All of ComplySci’s customers have instant access to training and resources, including monthly webinars, virtual office hours, and a regularly updated product resource center with FAQs, how-to articles, and video tutorials” says Amy Kadomatsu, CEO of ComplySci.

ComplySci believes in firm-wide integration in terms of compliance-based management systems. Its Compliance Control Room is a tool that overlooks company and employee actions to proactively identify potential conflicts of interest and market abuse. ComplySci’s Compliance Control Room offers total conflict coverage by aggregating all relevant deals, meetings, wall-crosses, emails, trades, G&E disclosures, expert network inquiries, and outside business connections on a single platform.

The ComplySci enterprise encourages professional, private, and public organizations to get the most out of their compliance system with all the solutions it provides. The quality of its services is proven by its 97% renewal rate and the assurance of access to its staff for continued support and guidance. The ComplySci Global Support, Success, and Implementation Teams, along with its Compliance Experts and Technologists guarantee an instantaneous, seamless transition to its platform.