Congruity360 – Unify Data Governance Across Your Entire Enterprise

Modern businesses face a myriad of obstacles and potential dangers from crucial decisions that involve legal and human resources management to financial risks that may damage the company’s reputation.

EDM (Enterprise Data Management) is a plan-based business strategy that identifies, assesses, and proactively prepares companies for any risks that have the potential to interfere with their goals and objectives. Congruity360 is a leader in EDM, and its single-source data management solutions effectively bring order to data chaos.

As reflected in the company’s name, Congruity360 ensures a complete, all-round approach to data management and governance for all organizations. The company’s mission, as stated by its CEO, Brian Davidson, is, “Our solutions aim to keep your data secure, healthy, and agile – exposing reliable data sets that empower you to make intelligent business decisions.”

Congruity360’s roots in the data storage world stem back to its the early 2000’s as a global enterprise hardware provider (EMC, NetApp, HDS, IBM, etc.). The team quickly realized that the hardware it was selling would eventually create a problem that would greatly impact for the data transformation journey of today. Therefore, it set out to create a platform that would yield a better end-user experience and faster time to market.

The main challenge that businesses face when implementing and enforcing an EDM policy is ensuring the solution keeps data secure, healthy, and agile. Simple reactionary response measures such as a lift-and-shift to the cloud or point solutions to address metadata only provide a fragmented approach to an EDM strategy that can scale with the exponential growth of data storage that IoT has created.

Enterprises with a large and growing data set across disparate storage systems and cloud applications often feel overwhelmed by their data. The benefits positioned by real-time visibility into their data to analyze and execute decisions are multifold: movement to a different storage tier, movement from on-prem to cloud, deletion of stale data – the list is endless.

To address the issue of data classification, Congruity360 leverages supervised and unsupervised machine learning and sophisticated language processing techniques to effectively identify and classify data. Its Classify360 platform is a single-source data classification and governance solution that offers actionable data intelligence to empower strategic decisions that encompass data reduction, compliance, and safe, risk-free migration to the cloud. It is a comprehensive and extensive solution that offers the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Data classification: Petabyte scale classification through content-level data analysis.
  • Storage optimization: Minimize data set size and enable strategic storage decisions to deactivate expensive infrastructure.
  • Risk mitigation: Identity, locate and effectively manage sensitive, privileged, and risk data, and automate regulatory compliance.
  • Cloud Acceleration: Facilitate secure cloud storage, enhance and magnify cloud savings, and accelerate cloud journey.

The innovative platform is application and repository agnostic. It provides a holistic, in-place, view across the entire storage environment at a rapid petabyte scale. Classify360 offers real-time analytics that empowers intuitive business decisions and provides actionable insights into the data to facilitate workflows (legal hold, metadata and file tagging, retention policy enforcement, etc.).

Classify360 exposes reliable data sets, which makes data more accurate, organized, and safe as it is classified. Data is indexed behind firewalls eliminating the risk and expense associated with creating a copy. The solution normalizes and classifies data across the organization and gives a cleaner, transparent, and defensible result.

Through the Classify360 platform, Congruity360 proliferates its core belief in a holistic approach to data governance. Some of the key differentiators that give Classify360 an edge in risk management are:

  • Functional differentiators: The platform is application and repository agnostic allowing the ability to see into the entire infrastructure stack at a content-level. The speed of ingest, even at a multi-petabyte scale, is a differentiator because we turn around analysis of the data in days, not months! Classify360 is a manage in place solution so data is never moved beyond the firewall. The platform is an application, repository, and cloud-agnostic. It provides in-situ, real-time insights into data without moving it beyond the company’s firewalls
  • Customer differentiators: Classify360 provides real-time analytics across the entire data footprint of the enterprise. Its customizable workflows bolster cross-functional collaboration and flexibility via a management portal displaying a queue of flagged risk files that qualify for review. This ongoing, actionable, data intelligence optimizes technological platforms across the enterprise and helps create policies and regulations applicable to future data sets.

Congruity360 is the current service provider for a reputed health insurance subsidiary of a national provider network in the United States. The client suffered a major data breach that compromised patients’ personal and medical records. With the Classify360 platform, Congruity360 saved the company from the brink of permanent reputational damage as well as future risk.

The EDM company suggested a three-phased approach to implement a new and improved, full-fledged, information governance system to store sensitive data in a highly secure Air Gap

Environment. Congruity360’s ongoing Classify360 deployment has resulted in various benefits for the insurance subsidiary, including data classification and processing, seamless cross-departmental interactions, hyper-specific workflows, and future risk mitigation.

A majority of businesses were not equipped for the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes that ensued in the traditional workplace environment. With the increase in online collaboration tools, organizations face new challenges in terms of risk management and security. To help companies effectively overcome this shift, Congruity360 is amalgamating and tweaking its individual product sets into a central location. This move will enable businesses to gain better insights into their data, take rapid, well-informed decisions, and stay secure throughout the data life cycle.

Congruity360 recently completed the acquisition of Seven10, a data migration business. The acquisition is expected to bolster the Classify360 platform, and help businesses improve data mapping for ROT (redundant, obsolete, and trivial) data and dark data, and transfer it to a location of their choosing.

A company can avoid unwarranted and costly damage to data, reputation, and employees with the help of proactive risk management solutions. Congruity360 provides a comprehensive platform that makes its clientele feel confident about the business decisions they are making today and help pivot their strategies towards a more compliant future.

As data continues to be generated at a rapid pace, Congruity360’s innovative solutions are constantly evolving placing them as a market leader in the Enterprise Risk Management industry.