Connectivity Wireless – Unleash the Power of Connectivity

In today’s hyperconnectivity age, reliable and robust wireless coverage and capacity is critical to business operations, let alone normal everyday human interaction. On average, people check their phones once every 12 minutes and devote more than five hours every day to their mobile devices. As our generation goes beyond mobile phones to include access through our companion gadgets (IoT), which are always on and always connected, the mobile usage trend will continue to increase. At the same time, there is a conundrum to solve as indoor wireless coverage is not adequate in more than 40% of large U.S. buildings and office spaces.  This is the wireless challenge that CIOs and CTOs are struggling to solve today.

To add to the challenge, the industry is evolving at lightspeed. The pun is intended, as 5G, private networking/CBRS, Wi-Fi 6, combined with the FCC’s newly released spectrum known as the C Band, or mmWave spectrum, coupled with new technologies being introduced every day creates a world of possibilities. That’s just the infrastructure layer.  Software developers are also adding new layers of applications on top of this capacity, and businesses are seeking to implement the next, revolutionary capability that can change people’s lives.

As you can imagine, this array of choice and opportunity comes with a mind-boggling struggle. The struggle is how to decide on the correct suite of wireless hardware and software functionality that aligns with the environment in which the business specifically operates. Companies want to drive digital revolution for their operations that go beyond just handset connectivity. As it stands, 4G/5G systems are more complicated and security has become increasingly difficult as the deployment of cutting-edge IoT devices grows at an exponential rate. Navigating this environment is quite complex, and this is where Connectivity Wireless is making a dent in the industry.

Connectivity Wireless addresses the struggle by assisting businesses with a time-tested consultative approach that supplements its clients’ in-house knowledge and objectives. The company assists customers with strategizing and designing wireless systems that will operate effectively and evolve despite rapid technical and commercial changes.

“We’ve seen immense success in bringing end-to-end solutions and unique product offerings to the marketplace, and we plan to continue bringing the latest wireless technologies and unmatched customer service, to venues, property owners, MNOs and MSOs across the United States. We are now positioned to serve the wireless needs of our customers better than ever before,” said Paul McGinn, CEO of Connectivity Wireless, in an interview.

What makes Connectivity Wireless a competent brand is that it encourages service providers and carriers to work together to enhance customer engagement through wireless systems. Over time, the management, monitoring, and maintenance of systems to ensure optimal performance and reporting are made easier, thanks to the efficiency that Connectivity Wireless brings to the table. On top of it, the organization provides innovative financial solutions to bridge the gap between its clients’ requirements for top-notch wireless solutions and the availability of adequate funds needed to deploy these technologies.

The company introduced its ‘NeutralConnect’ and ‘QuickConnect’ offerings specially intended to meet the financial needs of venue owners. NeuturalConnect, being a no-cost cellular service, offers organizations the flexibility to deploy a cellular solution without overhead responsibilities. Connectivity Wireless designs, builds, monitors, and manages the system so that the venue owners can have worry-free connectivity in the long run.

Similarly, the company developed QuickConnect, which was built to meet industry requirements for flexible, faster, and easier to deploy wireless solutions. QuickConnect couples the same end-to-end wireless services with a flexible financing option for venue owners that either can’t wait for carrier commitments before implementing a connectivity solution or do not have the capital prowess to pay upfront. This is a considerably faster alternative than other typical funding models found on the market. Connectivity Wireless has truly transformed the way wireless ecosystems are managed and administered.

These operational advancements have not only made the process of customization and deployment of newer wireless technologies more efficient and cost-effective, but also offers organizations a vast array of possibilities. And the credit should go to the dedicated technology heads of Connectivity Wireless.