Connectria – End-to-End Managed Services Provider

It provides holistic solutions to its clients’ infrastructure difficulties by combining strategy, migration, managed services, and modernization skills.

Connectria will be there for customers every step of the way, whether they need to transfer old systems out of the data center, deploy cloud-native technologies, or shift IT resources from administrative to strategic projects. It assists its clients in connecting the dots between where they are now and where they aspire to go in the future.

Connectria’s journey began with a single step, which happened to be with Deutsche Bank, the world’s largest bank. IBM was the company’s second client after that. It presently has over a thousand customers all around the world. For a quarter-century, Connectria has made sure that each of its clients, large or small, can depend on it to keep its promises of making business easier through flexible terms, scalable solutions, and clear pricing.

It has a thorough grasp of the different industries it provides solutions for. Connectria isn’t simply talking about being a virtual extension of its clients’ IT departments. It ensures that such promises are kept. While some providers consider security and compliance as an afterthought, Connectria makes it plain to all of its clients that security and compliance are at the center of what it does.

This is due to the fact that its organized approach includes pre-sales architects and post-sales implementation team members who are involved in the pre-sales process from the start. It also packs a team of dedicated engineers with the resources that are provided to its clients throughout their lifecycle.

Connectria considers IBM to be an intricate part of the organization. It is a leading provider of IBM solutions, managed services for IBM i/AIX, and cloud hosting. With comprehensive remote administration, batch task support, backup and disaster recovery, cloud migration, and more, Connectria claims to maximize its clients’ investment.

Its knowledge and dedication to the IBM Power Systems platform speak for itself. It is the largest IBM Power Systems cloud provider in North America and a recipient of the 2020 IBM Business Unit of Excellence award. Connectria is an independent contributor to IBM Research and Development, and its IBM engineers have an average tenure of over 20 years.

As the leaders in IBM Power Systems hosting and managed services, it has a deep bench of skilled IBM i and AIX admins and support staff that provide end-to-end services for any organization’s mission-critical environments. This applies to both, on-premises and in the cloud.

Connectria provides fully managed dedicated hosting and cloud solutions. With its IBM engineering talent, infrastructure and experience, clients can get more from investing in the IBM Power Systems.

From its inception, Connectria has been at the forefront of protecting sensitive data for its customers of all sizes in all industries. Relentless Security™ is a mindset instilled in the company.

Clients can rest assured now that they can keep their IBM systems on-premises without compromising their security, compliance, or performance. With Connectria’s IBMi and AIX remote monitoring services, it provides around-the-clock monitoring of all environments. It also has the features to alert staff of any potential problems, thanks to the escalation policies and procedures that it follows.

Its dedicated compliance team is 100 percent focused on the security of its client’s infrastructure. Right from annual audit assistance to 24/7 continuous monitoring and proactive threat prevention. With layers of protection within a multi-tier architecture, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, Connectria is a leader when it comes to Cloud Security and Compliance.

What is so fantastic about Connectria is that its clients don’t have to give up on their IBM i environment, simply because Connectria offers managed hosting and managed services that help organizations take advantage of streamlined IT operations and cloud computing. This is all possible even while Connectria keeps the organization’s mission-critical workloads in an IBM i or AIX environment.

Whether it’s migrating workloads into a private IBM i cloud, or managing them in AWS or Azure, Connectria has over 20 years of expertise leaving any organization’s mission-critical workloads in good hands.

Some of the most prominent voices in the IT sector have named Connectria as a worldwide leader in the Hosting sector. It continually maintains its humble demeanor while managing to exhibit its dedication to offering outstanding services and support to all of its customers regardless of who they are.

It also realizes that happy and qualified staff are what create the ideal environment for the company’s decades-long success. Connectria feels fortunate to have repeatedly been named on the “Best Places to Work” lists

“We deliver best-in-class security tooling and compliance services that ensure your environment is always up to date with the latest policies for HIPAA/HITECH and HITRUST, SOC, FISMA, PCI, and other industry regulations. We also provide a dedicated compliance team to assist with your annual audits,” says Amar K. Patel, CEO

TRiA, Connectria’s purpose-built cloud management tool that enables total visibility over their whole infrastructure, is available to all of its clients. Clients also have direct access to their account team via an integrated ticketing portal, notifications, automatic compliance checks, performance & cost monitoring, and insight-rich dashboards for IBM i/AIX, VMWare, Azure, AWS, and other workloads. All of this is available to its customers through a unified system display.

Customers rely on Connectria to deliver customized solutions that address their particular business concerns – reliably, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Its customers range from Fortune 100 organizations to medium and small businesses. Connectria was founded in 1996 as an infrastructure consulting organization with an unshakable personnel dedication to servicing every customer with a persistent focus on satisfaction.

Connectria is devoted to integrating today’s IT into tomorrow’s future. It is still, to this day, bridging the legacy-cloud divide by executing workloads in a low-latency hybrid architecture on-net with AWS.

Connectria has set the standard for what it means to go the “additional mile” for clients for the past 25 years. What began as a modest business has grown into a major, well-respected global provider of technological solutions. This is a direct result of Connectria’s deliberate choice to focus first and foremost on the customer rather than pursuing shareholder value and profits at any cost.