Consolidated Communications – Internet, TV, Phone Services

As one of the top innovative telecom solutions companies in 2022, Consolidated Communications offers a wide range of communications solutions, including high-speed Internet, data, phone, security, managed services, cloud services, and wholesale carrier solutions. What differentiates Consolidated from other competitors in the field is its dedication to turning technology into solutions, connecting people, and enriching how they work and live. With over 125 years of experience in the field of telecommunication, the company has some real solutions to offer its clients.

With over 125 years of serving customers, we are a stable company that has innovated and diversified to meet our customers’ growing needs,” says Bob Udell, CEO and President of Consolidated. Here, the goal is to be an establishment dedicated to delivering a better experience by putting the customers’ needs first, building a stronger community through employee volunteerism and company giving, and evolving and innovating to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the customers.

As a leading broadband and business communications provider across a 20-plus state service area, the company is committed to building stronger communities and being a responsible neighbor in the communities where they work and live. Here, the workplaces embrace diversity and inclusion and are incubation sites for creativity and innovation. They believe in creating and providing a safe, healthful, and secure workplace.

Consolidated Communications is among the most innovative telecom service companies today due to the company’s readiness to experiment and adapt to the rapid changes in the environment. CEO Udell remarks, “To be competitive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, organizations must create an environment, which incents and rewards innovation in a way that accelerates improvements in the experience they provide customers as well as their products and services.”

This value is reflected in the effectively deployed innovation of Consolidated. The services offered by the company are divided into various groups to ensure that each client can have an easier time picking the service they need. The package categories are divided into residential, business, and wholesale categories to help clients find the service that will benefit them.

For instance, SimpliSafe is a home security system that falls in the residential solutions offered by Consolidated. With over 2 million users vouching for the security system, SimpliSafe is built to protect the user’s house in any situation and prepare for the worst threats out there. The solution is designed with sensors so small that it does not contradict the aesthetics of its surroundings.

Other solutions by Consolidated that need to be appreciated are prevalent in numerous fields. Be it communication, collaboration, network security, or even online marketing, Consolidated offers precise solutions for everyone’s needs. There are wholesale packages for CLEC, ISP, wireless carriers, and more.

The company is also keen on maintaining an ample and growing list of business partnerships representing its core competencies. By leveraging these business partnerships, Consolidates can provide customized, well-integrated solutions in data centers, networking, unified communications, security, cloud, and more. Big names in the industry, such as Dell, Cisco, and Megaport, are on the list of partnerships that the company fosters.

The company upholds a commitment to the communities it serves through continued volunteer efforts and the sharing of company resources. Consolidated Communications works on the core principle: Integrity First; People Make the Difference; Deliver a Better Customer Experience; and Evolve and Constantly Improve. With this motto to guide its actions, Consolidated Communications take great care to fulfill responsibilities to customers, investors, business partners, employees, and society.