ConvergeOne – Digital Modernization, Collaboration and Cloud

In today’s day and age of data and information technology, ConvergeOne aims to reinvent the IT landscape. IT is central to shaping and achieving business goals and meeting customer expectations. As a leading VMware partner, ConvergeOne helps its clients acclimatize to the constantly changing industry by bridging the gap between technological needs and resources.

When reinventing the IT sphere, an essential factor is staying tuned to individual requirements. ConvergeOne provides a wide range of on-demand and customizable IT services that align with a company’s goals. Whether boosting customer engagements or building a cyber-secure IT infrastructure, ConvergeOne develops unique and innovative solutions to combat the IT world’s challenges and understand business needs.

ConvergeOne is a principal VMware connect partner, which is the highest tier, in addition to being a VMware technology alliance partner. The company designs advanced data tools that connect enterprises, people, and information across virtual platforms, regardless of time and space. ConvergeOne transforms the future of information technology through tested solutions.

Launched in 1993, ConvergeOne possesses decades of expertise and knowledge. Its highly skilled experts and data professionals simplify complex operations and make digital modernization, collaboration, and cloud services accessible. As an emerging IT services leader, ConvergeOne creates customer-centric approaches to revamp the cloud and revolutionize digital IT frameworks.

The strength of their customer relationships and the breadth of their portfolio are a perfect addition to ConvergeOne. Combined, we will provide customers with an expanded set of solutions powered by virtually all Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders for cloud, collaboration, cybersecurity, and digital infrastructure services,” said John McKenna, CEO of ConvergeOne.

ConvergeOne’s progressive cloud computing solutions make it a reliable VMware partner. From slow diagnosis and lack of virtual visibility to poor user interface and outdated tools, ConvergeOne counters issues encountered by companies and users. With its disaster recovery solution, ConvergeOne minimizes or eliminates the risk of sudden data disasters. Its Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and VMware Cloud tools help clients create, test, and incorporate disaster recovery and backup strategies that prevent risks and increase security.

The vSphere server virtualization tool assesses, designs, implements, upgrades, and optimizes vSphere services. ConvergeOne’s certified data center engineers handle all VMware vSphere delivery tasks across different infrastructures, including converged, hyper-converged, traditional, or active. ConvergeOne provides its clients with a modernized and optimized data center with its experts.

VSAN is another authentic and reliable ConvergeOne tool. As a mature and fast-growing software-defined storage solution, VSAN allows users to simplify a hyper-converged infrastructure quickly and cost-efficiently. Since VSAN is strategically placed inside the VMware vSphere and vCenter server, it accelerates processing speed and delivers high performance. VSAN pools together SSDs and HDDs to build a distributed shared data store that provides an abstract hyper-converged storage layer without an external SAN/NAS.

With its VMware NSX solution, ConvergeOne modernizes data center networking by enabling abstraction, extensibility, security, and automation. ConvergeOne’s NSX-T professionals prioritize networking and virtualization and assess technical needs to build, plan, and incorporate NSX-T in IT operations.

Present-day organizations operate multiple apps simultaneously on the cloud and on-premises for quicker and more efficient business functions. However, with the increase in applications and products, companies find it challenging to streamline technologies. ConvergeOne’s C1Conversations platform leverages and secures existing technologies, such as CC, CRM, and back-office systems, for a holistic customer experience.

ConvergeOne’s OnGuard Service Delivery product manages, monitors, and alerts multiple tools on a single customer-central portal. Its AI/ML-driven technology tracks the algorithm to identify potential threats and eliminates them using OnGuard Audit Bots.

With its Cloud Experience tool C1CX, ConvergeOne modernizes data centers, optimizes the workforce, and unifies communications to create an enterprise-level and cloud-based hybrid customer experience. It offers enhanced consumer and employee experience, reduces costs, improves ROI, and maintains consistent servers.

The Minnesota company extends its services to organizations across the globe. In one instance, a large company required a complete IT infrastructure with an improved entertainment facility. Since the corporation lacked an IT staff or methodology, it needed a partner to create an innovative digital customer experience according to social media trends.

ConvergeOne implemented two software-powered data centers, flash stack architecture, and over 2,000 wireless access points to seamlessly integrate different types of technologies. The integration enabled an efficient digital experience, simplified complex technologies, and merged components from leading partners, including Avaya, AVST, Cisco, and VMware. ConvergeOne’s solutions enabled the client to access three million+ square feet of coverage across more than 400 retail stores.