Cova Software – Cannabis POS, eComm, Payment & Inventory Management

The legalization of cannabis has been a long and winding journey. Despite its legalization, various locations still face cannabis restrictions; established cannabis-based companies also face challenges in adjusting and growing. As a leading POS solution provider, Cova Software is on a mission to empower cannabis entrepreneurs. Cova aims to make the cannabis industry more accessible, stronger, and streamlined.

The cannabis sector faces various hurdles, such as laws and regulations, compliance, shipping, marketing, and handling wastage. Cova uses its support system and scalable solutions to build unique solutions for dispensaries. Cova Software delivers product innovation through its customer-centric approach, executes growth and development strategies, simplifies compliance, streamlines functions, and equips companies with the latest solutions and services.

Cova Software has an arsenal of solutions at its disposal. Its innovative products help enterprises worldwide find footing, create a support ecosystem, build healthy relationships with consumers and employees, and thrive. Cova’s Dispensary POS solution is a full-featured, tablet-based point-of-sale system that enables firms to remotely deliver quick, compliant, and personalized shopping experiences. With its built-in ID scanner and age verification feature, this tool scans customer IDs from the POS to verify age and queue shoppers.

Dispensary POS also enables customer queue management by tracking customers and orders without mandatory line-ups. This platform improves personalized shopping experiences by turning budtenders into cannabis connoisseurs using detailed reports, including pricing and inventory. This tool provides flexible discount and loyalty programs for companies looking to expand, converting first-time shoppers into regular customers. Additionally, its offline mode restores backups, allowing firms to continue operations during downtimes.

The purpose is to simplify the complexity in managing a dispensary. What people don’t usually realize is you not only have a retail store and all of the elements of that, but you also have online elements. On top of that, you have compliance and all of the different regulatory requirements. Our purpose was to make that easier to manage — to be able to take a lot of that complexity out,” said Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova Software.

Inventory Management, another essential Cova solution, centralizes operations. This web-based application integrates back-end inventory into front-end POS to enable detailed files, manage products, design catalogs, control prices, and ensure positive employee and customer experiences. The Cannabis Inventory Tracker feature monitors individual batches, from storage times to order deliveries. It regularly updates inventory across multiple online and in-store channels to generate accurate regulation reports.

Inventory Management enables 2-way synchronization with state traceability systems that submit appropriate and required inventory and sales data if and when needed. Cova’s certification allows integration with all systems, including Metrc, BioTrackTHC, and Leaf Data. This tool also manages products by automating repetitive and complex processes, such as receiving, transferring, and selling to auditing and recalls, saving time and resources.

Compliance is a recurring issue in the cannabis industry, making licensed dispensary operations harder to execute. Cova Software’s government regulation-approved systems allow firms to expand their business. Their compliance tools prevent rule-breaking or mishaps that could cause fines or revoke retail licenses. Cova’s ID scanner and purchase limit alerts stop underage purchases, identify regular users for faster check-outs, and avoid looping.

Cova’s AI-run Reporting solution eliminates guesswork and allows dispensaries to make clear, informed, and confident decisions regarding sales, revenue strategies, staffing, inventory management, cannabis product stocks, and marketing campaigns. This solution monitors sales to achieve revenue goals, manages staff more efficiently, tracks inventory, detects and prevents fraud, and allows firms to run their businesses remotely.

With its eCommerce solution, Cova’s clients can launch cannabis eCommerce websites that reflect their brand. Its marketing automation and built-in SEO tools ensure websites are constantly synchronized with the POS. Cova’s SEO experts also make sure every aspect of the user’s site achieves higher search ranks.

Founded in 2016, Cova Software has empowered over 1,800 enterprises and continues to assist more. One of its clients, The Green Room, a boutique-cum-dispensary, wanted to upgrade its current management to a cannabis-powered POS platform.

Using Cova’s Metrc reporting functionality solution, the California-based dispensary reduced manual entries and spreadsheet errors. This solution also enabled automated transactions that reported to Metrc in real-time, ensuring compliance and saving The Green Room’s staff time.