Credivera – Digital Identity Solutions | Verifiable Credentials

One of the leading digital identity management companies, Credivera aims to empower companies, employees, and employers by creating a platform to exchange verifiable credentials openly and securely. Credivera issues credentials to organizations that increase productivity and allow them to control, manage, and share essential credentials. Organizations require proper and authentic credentials to improve their business, meet their goals, and prevent operational risks. Keeping its clients in mind, Credivera creates solutions that optimize its customers’ privacy, value their trust, and safely provide them with the latest credentials.

Launched in 2017, Credivera supports employers, employees, and issuers in real-time to ensure they reach their full potential using the credentials they depend on. Designing its services based on self-sovereignty and Web3, Credivera allows companies to operate efficiently and confidently, comply with regulatory policies, and reduce business risks. With its team of professionals and experts excelling in enterprise network solutions, data management, cybersecurity, privacy, retail, and blockchain, Credivera is on a mission to equip customers with the right tools and services to support their credentials.

The Calgary, Canada-based company extends its services to various industrial sectors in over 30 countries. The Digital Identity Management (DIM) provider develops new and innovative solutions to combat the multiple trends affecting the current digital identity management landscape. Factors such as the need for safer digital navigation, identity checks, and online identity optimization have led to organizations migrating towards a secure digital identity environment, which Credivera aims to provide.

Knowing at any moment that a worker’s certifications are valid removes uncertainty from the employer and reduces the risk for future liability,” said Dan Giurescu, CEO and Co-Founder of Credivera.

Credivera has designed two optimum and innovative solutions for a seamless transition to digital identity management. Its daily check solution allows workers to perform verifiably in a safe and compliant workspace. Credivera has created a questionnaire that delivers 100% compliance by verifying a worker’s work status, experience, and ability. Additionally, the questionnaire is per Covid-19 health protocols.

Daily check designs and maintains an auditable record that automatically documents the workers’ health conditions, protects the employees’ personal health information by displaying the report’s status instead of an in-depth result, and only allows supervisors to access detailed test results.

Credivera’s second significant solution enables organizations and employees to gain ownership of their projects and knowledge and share them via verifiable credentials. Verifiable credentials support companies and workers, allowing them to store and manage their credentials from any location, control their privacy, and operate per industry compliance. Verifiable credentials are safe, tight, independent, recognized, and acknowledged globally. The verifiable credentials solution proves a workspace’s authenticity, reliability, and security.

In addition to backing an organization’s status, verifiable credentials allow users to view and track expiration and renewal details remotely and across multiple platforms. With verified credentials, companies can export a location or a list of trained workers, along with their credentials, to present in front of investors, auditors, and regulators. Credivera provides a wallet to its customers, which offers central access to all data files and reports by storing daily checks and verifiable credentials.

As a Microsoft Entra Verified ID solution provider, Credivera’s wallet saves HR costs by hiring and training employees with credentials, decreases turnover, and encourages workplace credential sharing. Moreover, the Canada-based company’s wallet prioritizes workers’ privacy, implements risk management tools, and prevents unauthorized and fraudulent access to on-site data.

Credivera has used its digital identity management solutions and services to assist various industrial sectors, including the construction industry. With the changes in the global market landscape, construction companies are switching to digital tools to run their operations smoothly and efficiently. The construction industry consists of multiple departments that must work together despite their specific needs, requirements, and challenges to achieve their business goals. Credivera’s digital identity management solutions designed an effective, productive, and safe working environment by verifying the identities and credentials of workers in real time.

Credivera’s daily check services provided a time-saving solution by checking the status of different teams before their on-site entrance, providing auditable documents of compliance for regulators, protecting workers’ privacy, and creating dashboards to monitor individual on-site check-ins. By verifying credentials, Credivera deemed construction workers fit for work and allowed them to control their credentials through a centralized digital wallet.