CXT Software – Courier Software & Dispatch Software

The transition of the market from physical to virtual is happening at an exponential rate. Everyone depends on online purchases. From personal to industrial, the online world has served various markets worldwide. For e-retail and e-commerce companies, the need for reliable digital software is increasing. It should simplify deliveries for the company, the buyers, and the drivers delivering the packages.

This need drove the emergence of CXT Software in 1999. The company aids at-home deliveries, business-to-business deliveries, medical deliveries, last-mile automotive, final-mile couriers, and more. Since its inception, the company has made massive headway in executing and supporting the process of shipping, tracking, and delivering.

Shaun Richardson, who has been part of the organization for more than eight years and has been the CEO of CXT Software for the past two years, has made tremendous efforts to transform the logistics company. He’s seen the company’s progress in different stages, especially in creating a comprehensive shipment management system.

The reason behind the company’s success is its deep understanding of its clients’ needs. Losing track of shipments and deliveries can lead to a major loss for both businesses and their customers. Each player involved in the process has to stay informed and updated at all times. Without constant and streamlined communication, these operations will run haywire, bearing severe consequences. Hence, the company has developed technology that supports these key players.

The software enables the client to create a portal that is customizable and facilitates complete shipment creation and fulfillment. Accurate tracking tools allow clients to keep an eye on the status of the courier through the shipment lifecycle while also sending messages to the customers regarding the shipment journey. Furthermore, they have a personalizable application for drivers that makes onboarding and getting work easier and quicker. The app is customizable so that the driver does not face any issues during the job.

Post-pandemic, Shaun Richardson became conscious of the growing needs of the customers. Online retail became one of the primary means through which people could acquire goods. In one of his interviews, he said, “As the economy has shifted, CXT Software’s delivery software technology has been more useful than ever in aiding businesses with advanced delivery software. This delivery software saves them money and ensures that standard packages and especially in-home delivery are tracked at every step of the process.”

Innovation is central to their growth. They have incorporated AI technology into their logistics software to make dispatch hassle-free. The algorithm assesses data and assigns work to drivers who can fulfill the task faster. They have changed the game entirely and only seem to be going forward.

According to Richardson, it’s essential to think ahead. The company will continue to adapt to the changing demands of the clients as well as customers. They don’t satisfy themselves by creating one-dimensional software. They constantly reevaluate the market and reshape their ideas accordingly. They were included in the list of the top 10 Innovative Logistics Solution Providers to Watch in 2022, and rightfully so.

CXT Software has always created a holistic work environment that has empowered its workers to think outside the box. Every business operates with this agenda: complete client satisfaction. They hire industry experts and talented professionals who can significantly contribute to the company’s success. They ensure that the employees enjoy their work and bring a touch of uniqueness and originality. They value fresh thoughts and original approaches in whatever they do.