Cyxtera – Global Data Center, Interconnection & Colocation Services

As the cloud takes center stage in today’s environment, every company is rapidly moving towards hybrid and multi-cloud systems. Organizations have begun leaning towards a blend of on-premises and cloud-based platforms. Nutanix has taken the wheel of this movement, providing cloud-computing solutions to companies, allowing them to manage and streamline their operations across cloud platforms.

A leading Nutanix partner, Cyxtera Technologies has transformed the digital world. The company’s partnership with Nutanix has revolutionized the cloud computing industry, contributing to its growth and development. Collaborating with Nutanix has allowed Cyxtera to make IT and cloud services and solutions accessible to businesses worldwide. Cyxtera’s customers now have complete end-to-end solutions like cloud infrastructure, hardware assistance, and software support.

Cyxtera is a globally renowned company recognized for its world-class global colocation, connectivity solutions, and robust digital infrastructure that meet the requirements of the current enterprise market and technology service providers. With its comprehensive and connected automated global data centers, Cyxtera delivers high-performance, secure, and flexible solutions created to strengthen agility in the modern hybrid IT landscape.

Cyxtera Technologies’ partnership with Nutanix gives users a leg-up in today’s digital economy with solutions that emphasize the need for financial and operational cloud stability and high-quality and reliable enterprise-level infrastructure. This collaboration also allows customers to leverage extensible platforms built with an API-first approach to maximize flexibility, cross-platform versatility, and smooth connectivity.

Furthermore, this partnership helps companies thrive in the current marketplace. Cyxtera has designed a sustainable and flexible as-a-Service ecosystem that delivers various technology and infrastructure solutions, including storage, network, computing, and managed services. Based on advanced software and scalable network fabric, Cyxtera offers infrastructure on-demand services for all data centers operations, such as storage, processing, networking, and computing.

Cyxtera uses Nutanix HCI nodes to reform the IT world for users across the globe. Nutanix Cloud Platform uses a modern, software-oriented architecture that combines all IT tools to run any application while improving user experience by making it simple, accessible, and easy to navigate. The Nutanix software stack is optimized and scalable to support different workloads, as each company has individual schedules.

Since Nutanix Cloud Platform runs on-premises in public clouds and on Enterprise Bare Metal (EBM), it builds a centralized environment that allows applications to operate anywhere. This system comprises supported hypervisors, VMware ESXi, and Nutanix Acropolis. After its initial deployment, users can choose to install their preferred hypervisor. Nutanix Cloud Platform is sold per node, with different code configurations always available. It supports at least three nodes for new clusters and a minimum of one node for existing ones.

Because of our software innovation, we allow customers to take advantage of artificial intelligence, and they’re able to consume it easier from our data center than trying to do so within the confines of their offices. — Nelson Fonseca, CEO

Nutanix and Cyxtera’s partnership integrates Nutanix’s software-centered tools supported on its HCI-based platform that operates on Cyxtera’s EMB in its data centers.

The Cyxtera Enterprise Bare Metal platform is a modern medium that allows businesses to centralize complete data ecosystems through a software-defined platform with on-demand provisioning and customization of the features of standard data centers, including storage, management, and compute power. This platform enables companies to expand their global reach and accelerate their business development by accessing a worldwide network of over sixty data centers across more than thirty markets.

With its deep connectivity solutions, Cyxtera helps enterprises build secure, low-latency, and direct connections to scale digital operations. Moreover, Cyxtera’s API-first approach allows users to use customized solutions and a personalized system that remotely manages data centers using highly intuitive user portals that centralize and merge data functions. Cyxtera, as a Nutanix partner, empowers customers to unlock cloud-like agility and increase scalability without compromising their security and performance.

Cyxtera’s high-performance infrastructure enables secure, low-latency connection to users, on-premises environments, and other cloud services without procurement interruptions. Cyxtera Technologies’ best-in-class remote management portal helps customers track and monitor their IT architecture remotely, meaning they can resume their operations without relying on manual setups, cables, or on-site personnel.

This dynamic Nutanix and Cyxtera partnership increases business agility by reducing the server procurement duration from months to minutes without compromising infrastructural control via the Cyxtera portal. The platform also delivers operational consistency using the same management resources and APIs to provide the same experience as the Nutanix on-premises Cloud Platform.

Furthermore, this collaboration eliminates multi-cloud complexity by moving applications between data centers and cloud environments without redesigning. Deemed a strategic partnership by experts, Cyxtera and Nutanix together enable OpEx consumption, as the platform reduces overhead charges with a monthly fee structure, removing hidden fees. Nutanix software’s flexible server options enable private and hybrid cloud deployments, enterprise and cloud-native applications, VDI, DR, and other workloads by remotely controlling and monitoring physical infrastructure, virtualization, containers, and applications.

This incredible partnership between Cyxtera Technologies and Nutanix has helped companies solidify their data operations. A US-based retail service provider, a joint customer of Cyxtera and Nutanix, offers a complete package of data-based applications and tools to help brands and retailers assist customers in shopping and purchasing. The retailer helps its clients grow their businesses by providing real-time insights, digital media information, and a network of technology-enabled consultation services.

However, the US-based company realized its current system limited its agility, flexibility, and scalability, hindering its growth. In addition to delivering applications, the company’s IT team also had to maintain the entire data center space, making it challenging to remain current with evolving market trends and modify their strategies accordingly. The client requested Cyxtera’s guidance because of Cyxtera’s global presence, connectivity tools, XaaS offerings, and IT experts.

The retail service provider used Cyxtera’s Enterprise Bare Metal solution and Nutanix’s HCI platform to achieve its performance and computing goals. With Cyxtera and Nutanix, the company’s IT department could migrate applications directly to customized and pre-configured servers without depending on hardware procurement, on-site deployment, or regular maintenance. The Cyxtera and Nutanix partnership allowed the retailer to unlock value instantly by reducing the TCO and reducing costly capital expenses.