DATA MODUL – The Display Experts

Businesses run on state-of-the-art technologies. Staying ahead of the curve means harnessing these cutting-edge technologies. Display machines and monitors are at the forefront of such innovations, and the lifeblood of modern organizations. As a leading advanced display tech company, DATA MODUL transforms the visual future of all sectors with new, competent, and in-house services.

The current display landscape requires high-quality, innovative, and reliable products to thrive in the long run. DATA MODUL not only provides its clients with world-class products but also combats the problems the sector faces—installers and integrators should receive thorough training, tech support should be available 24/7, and the product should meet every customer’s needs, regardless of the industry or business.

DATA MODUL takes special care to pair its products with customized solutions. Instead of following the ‘one shoe fits all’ approach, DATA MODUL ensures its services satisfy unique client requirements. The company does not believe in universal solutions; it promotes individuality. Customers from different sectors, such as automotive, gaming, infotainment, medical, retail, and transportation, benefit from DATA MODUL’s technological prowess and knowledge to create out-of-the-box ideas and innovative strategies.

DATA MODUL’s catalog has a wide variety of products. The company’s high-tech products are compatible with various modern and unique applications, making them multi-purpose. DATA MODUL’s technological expertise makes it a display expert. Its display products create a platform to accommodate different application designs and sustainably run its strategies on industrial systems. DATA MODUL enables visual communication between manual- and machine-run services to ensure long-term availability, spare parts service, and lifecycle management.

Furthermore, DATA MODUL’s display technology serves all customer requirements, whether complex or simple. It delivers flexibility and versatility, helping DATA MODUL’s clients confidently make technology-related decisions. Along with standard display technology, the company provides products like TFT, MIP, ePaper, OLED, and FALD in different shapes and sizes.

DATA MODUL’s TFT displays are all-rounder products that fit transflective, transmissive, and reflective display needs. The display tech provider also offers ‘ePAPER’ displays that combine low power demand and excellent readability from all viewing angles. DATA MODUL’s black, white, or fully colored Memory-in-Pixel displays have user-friendly SPI interfaces, low power consumption, and superior readability.

Our declared goal is of course to continue to be one of the world’s leading providers of visual solutions,” said Florian Pesahl, CEO of DATA MODUL.

With its System Solutions, DATA MODUL designs develops, and manufactures customized monitor and panel PC services for various marked-centered applications based on a modular product blueprint. The company uses its design and electrical engineering knowledge, components from its distribution portfolio, and self-created products to meet customer demands, deliver long-term results, and reduce marketing time, making DATA MODUL the perfect partner for complex and time-consuming product designs.

DATA MODUL’s self-built monitor and panel PC solutions run with professional applications and are compatible with a wide range of industrial-specific systems. Furthermore, their ‘Form, Fir & Function’ design makes them reliable, trustworthy, and sustainable.

The company’s personalized monitor solutions include products from its distribution partners and self-developed technology that can work as open-frame or standalone variants. The monitor solutions also understand customer needs and adapt accordingly. DATA MODUL also offers panel PCs and complete systems for outdoor usage, regardless of the application size or performance class. Moreover, the company’s in-house products allow expansion and on-demand customization options.

The Munich, Germany-based company delivers perfectly configured embedded computing systems based on x86 and ARM structures. DATA MODUL’s embedded solutions comprise various tools, from pre-configured kits to customized baseboard designs and professional embedded computing designs. The customized baseboard or embedded board designs are built to adjust to individual projects for ease of access and better efficiency.

With an emphasis on its in-house products, DATA MODUL ensures the thorough integration of embedded systems into HMIs and monitors. The company provides compact designs, flexible display interfaces, and the optimal arrangement of connectors per suitable industry standards.

DATA MODUL offers three products with embedded solutions. Users can leverage an extensive catalog of ARM- and x86-based embedded CPU boards in various form factors and performance classes. DATA MODUL’s LCD controller boards of the eMotion series come with multiple interfaces and resolution options up to 4K ultra HD. The company also offers embedded box PCs with compact designs and incredible strength that fit with any industry-targeted professional application.

In addition to the display, embedded, and system solutions, DATA MODUL is also known for its touch solutions. DATA MODUL’s arsenal contains powerful weapons; its touch solutions are one of the strongest. As a top PCAP touch modules supplier, the company provides touch sensors and in-house developed controller boards to optimize the touch experience. Its PCAP/PCT (Projected Capacitive) solutions comprise a touch sensor, controller, firmware, cover glass, and optical bonding on a centralized platform.

The touchscreen in PCAP technology contains conductive ITO or metal mash structures placed on a standard substrate like PET film or glass. Lined in a diamond matrix shape, the electrodes generate a capacitive field when met with high voltage. If a conductive object disrupts the field, the capacitance between the two electrodes will alter. DATA MODUL’s touch controller can accurately detect and accurately assess the contact point and change position in the capacitive field. DATA MODUL’s PCAP products include multi-touch screens with up to ten touch points for optical transparency, haptic features, and gesture recognition.

The touch controller also supports resistive touchscreens (RTP). RTP uses two conductive layers with space dots in between, separating them. When a user touches the screen, the space dots disappear, allowing the layers to meet and generate a current flow. The touch controller uses the electrical voltage difference to recognize the input position. Even if the user accidentally spills liquid on the touchscreen or uses the equipment with gloved hands, DATA MODUL’s RTP solutions use 4- or 5-wire sensors for maximum ease and cost-efficiency.

DATA MODUL’s SAW technology (Surface Acoustic Wave) communicates through sound waves. Piezoelectric transmitters alter the frequency of surface waves on the sensor, so when a user touches the screen, the waves get interrupted, allowing the touchscreen to find the finger’s position correctly.

Lastly, DATA MODUL’s infrared technology uses the interruption of an infrared light grid. The IR sensor comprises various infrared LEDs with corresponding phototransistors on the opposite side. The corresponding phototransistors create a grid of invisible infrared beams, allowing the touchscreen to determine the input precisely.