Data Networks – Managed IT Services & IT Solutions

Information Technology is a complex yet essential component of every business. Regardless of the size or industry, every company relies on a stable and robust IT infrastructure. As a leading Microsoft partner, Data Networks helps enterprises reduce IT complexity by providing innovative solutions for efficient and effective IT performances. With a mission to help organizations unlock their full potential, Data Networks extends world-class technologies to ensure project success.

Data Networks designs, implements, supports and manages complete solutions to accelerate client computing, data centers, networking, and managed services. With a customer-first approach, Data Networks offers specialized tools, processes, and manufacturer relationships that allow organizations to attain business goals. Data Networks’s Microsoft partnership gives its clients various benefits, including the latest products, expertise, expedited service desk resources, professional services liaisons, consultation, and engagement.

All organizations follow different processes. While success lies at the core of every enterprise, the strategies differ. The right and suitable Microsoft solutions help companies become more responsive and flexible. Launched in 1983, Data Networks has decades of experience designing and supporting Microsoft solutions. Data Networks ensures the solutions cater to a company’s needs and are tailored to its requirements within the allocated budget. The company provides tested tools for Microsoft-dependent businesses and projects.

As a reliable Microsoft partner, Data Networks secures remote work. Work from Home or hybrid-work modes have been in the talk for ages, but the global pandemic shed light on their necessity. Since WFM has become the new and preferred working medium, companies require secure networks to protect data and applications and enable efficient communication.

Data Networks’s Microsoft solutions keep devices secure, accelerating an enterprise’s digital transformation using modern and cloud-based technologies. Data Networks empowers clients, optimizes operations, and increases user engagement with the help of Microsoft Team meetings, callings, and devices. It also enables identity and access management, device deployment and management, and mobile device management and provides Azure virtual desktop.

Complexity is expensive, hard to maintain, and impacts your ability to support strategic objectives and use your demand. So, we’ve made it our mission to simplify enterprise IT for you. It’s the guiding principle of our business and shapes the design of every solution to continue the re-engineering of every process and the development of every surface we offer,” said Patrick Regan, President and CEO of Data Networks.

The current digital security scenario needs proper measures to counter and combat advanced threats, complex compliance policies, and weak infrastructures. It is necessary but challenging to keep client information and employee files securely.

Data Networks’s Microsoft Security, Compliance, & Identity Solutions ensure that files are secure, equip companies with tools and technologies to handle patching and malware threats, and stop data breaches during the early stages. It identifies and prevents vulnerabilities through threat protection, security management, information protection, and compliance features.

Cloud platforms are an integral part of the digital reformation. Organizations need accessible data and simplified ways to view, analyze, and use information using cost-effective and flexible models. Data Networks ensures migration to cloud technologies is seamless and safe. The company helps clients switch to cloud-based data using cloud migration and modernization, Azure governance, hybrid cloud networking, automation and orchestration, and operations and management.

Microsoft Teams is a well-rounded application that helps companies collaborate, strategize, explore new workstyles, and remotely build a cohesive work environment. Data Networks combines knowledge of business processes and expertise to design the latest and available technology that adapts to evolving demands, market trends, and cultural shifts. It comprises various services, including Teams strategy and readiness, deployment and security, education and user adoption, voice calling, and virtual meetings to enable modern communication and collaboration.

With its Managed IT Services solution, Data Networks controls the entire Microsoft sphere, such as accessing the Azure portal, administering Windows Virtual Desktop, deploying entire end-point operations, and managing projects using Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Endpoint Manager. It offers various features like managed IT services, co-managed IT services, and managed modules.

Data Networks used its Microsoft tools and solutions to help Baltimore City (MD) Public Schools. Baltimore City Public Schools manage Baltimore City’s public education. As the fourth largest public school system in Maryland, it supports 83,000 students across 180 schools and programs. BCPS’ school board and district authorities used a significant part of the annual budget for IT servers, PCS, and other requirements.

However, manual operational costs exceeded the provided budget, and BCPS considered moving to the cloud. Data Networks helped Baltimore City Public Schools configure and implement Quadro Tech to automate email archiving technology, migrate to Office 365 in reduced times, improve performance-tuning and knowledge transfer services, and build a long-term, reliable IT structure.