Dataflix Inc- Data and AI Solutions

As the business landscape evolves towards digitalization, companies face the challenge of meeting technological and software support demands to foster growth. Dataflix Inc., a leading IBM solution provider, is at the forefront of this digital transformation, offering a unique range of AI-driven solutions that empower organizations across industries.

With businesses migrating to a more robust technology infrastructure, Dataflix simplifies this transition with Cloud Data, Cloud Apps, and Cloud AI. As an IBM Silver Business Partner with expertise in Watsonx products and specializing in designing and building AI solutions on IBM Cloud, Dataflix ensures a seamless migration, allowing companies to drive, track, and measure customer experience with an AI-powered Contact Center.

Dataflix’s partnership with IBM is a testament to its commitment to providing innovative solutions. By coupling its solutions with IBM Watsonx, Dataflix offers users generative AI solutions that build intuitive omnichannel experiences. IBM’s Watson, with its advanced natural language processing (NLP), creates virtual agents like chatbots and voice assistants, enabling natural interactions and enhancing customer experiences.

The IBM platform also allows contact center integrations with existing platforms like omnichannel, IVR, text and voice channels, APIs, and apps and devices to measure conversion insights and assess the customer experience based on sentiment analysis and adoption rate metrics. Additionally, it manages and optimizes virtual agents to boost user adoption rate and customer service at scale.

When combined with Dataflix’s state-of-the-art platform ConverX, users can seamlessly integrate and accelerate IBM Watsonx solutions. ConverX Messenger is a cutting-edge conversational user interface for agents and bots built on Google Dialogflow that effectively integrates Dialogflow agents into web and mobile applications for an exceptional conversational experience. Since this system is created on Google Cloud (GCP) and supports Dialogflow, all conversations are protected with multi-layer security and encryption, adhering to the OAuth 2.0 specification for authorization.

Data is an asset, but only when it is converted to useful information. At Dataflix, we help businesses worldwide leverage data’s full potential with AI-driven solutions. — Dheeraj Nallagatla, CEO

Dataflix’s ConverX platform also comprises ConverX Insights, software that provides actionable insights into human-to-bot interactions. This tool analyzes conversations and trains bots to increase bot adoption rates and increase the value and ROI from chat and voice bots. Built on conversation logs with advanced machine learning and NLP techniques, ConverX Insights not only runs a deeper data analysis but also covers various metrics, including sessions, user engagement rates, confidence levels, user sentiment analysis, and failed conversations.

In addition to generating deep insights into conversations with virtual agents, the ConverX Insights platform is designed on a serverless architecture, allowing users to modify and customize it according to their needs without coding, whether on-premises or in the cloud. It also enables users to connect existing business intelligence tools to conversation analysis.

Based in Hayward, California, Dataflix’s partnership with IBM has been instrumental in transforming organizations in various industries. The company’s portfolio includes a diverse range of websites, devices, and applications. For instance, a Dataflix client developed a mobile application that connects high school students with admissions advisors, creating a personalized college admissions requirement list and a college database to help them set personal goals.

However, as the client’s business expanded, they encountered challenges in scaling their advising services, which adversely affected their response time, user experience, and user churn rate. To help its client, Dataflix implemented its human-like conversational virtual agent, Deci, which effectively addressed the issue of slow response times. Deci’s assistance improved the client’s response time dramatically, from several days to instantaneous.

Furthermore, with its machine learning tools, Dataflix understood the client’s unique product requirements and leveraged its product to conduct well-planned onboarding calls, resulting in seamless development and implementation processes. As a result, the mobile application was able to receive feedback on the conversation chatbot and improve user experience.