Dataiku – Everyday AI, Extraordinary People

The world is continuously transforming. The digital world has especially witnessed tremendous growth over the past few decades. The rate at which technology is evolving is so rapid that it’s now hard to keep up with what’s new and what’s in the past. Businesses have felt the influence of this evolution and benefitted the most, too. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a crucial part of our lives. It has also made its way into the professional world as a powerful tool that can help businesses flourish.

Dataiku’s central idea is to democratize data. Dataiku was founded in 2013 by co-founders Florian Douetteau, Clément Stenac, Thomas Cabrol, and Marc Batty. Data preparation, visualization, machine learning, MLOps, and DataOps are some of their solutions that help companies optimize their performance and use their data systematically. CEO and Co-Founder Florian Douetteau and his partners saw the immense potential in today’s data science market, with new technological developments giving businesses access to tools that help organize data. At the same time, Douetteau also understands the issues that come with it. The challenge, he believes, is about using the right tool and handling multiple storage systems and languages.

Douetteau created Dataiku with the intent to simplify data collection and storage. He wanted to integrate the power of AI with enterprise data management. What Dataiku aims to do is to make AI a central part of all operations. For Douetteau, Dataiku’s vision is straightforward and rests on the idea of what they call “Everyday AI.” The essence of this idea lies in its name: they want to make AI normal for everyday enterprise operations. They have realized that to achieve this, you need one single platform for one data lifecycle. AI won’t just be another tool; it will be an interconnecting, all-encompassing system to achieve data intelligence. Their mission is to make AI the new normal.

“Our mission is to provide all organizations with the technological environment that will enable their teams to effectively dispense the data innovations of tomorrow. Thanks to a collaborative and team-based user interface for data scientists and beginner analysts, a unified framework for both development and deployment of data projects, and immediate access to all the features and tools required to design data products from scratch, users can easily apply machine learning and data science techniques to all types, sizes, and formats of raw data to build and deploy predictive data flows,” he says.

Douetteau also emphasizes the need for collaboration between stakeholders, data scientists, and analysts. If there is a centralized platform that helps all these departments get on board and create an organized pipeline as a team, then enterprises don’t have to face the frustration of operating on multiple systems. That’s what Dataiku is for.

With a strong client base of over 450 companies, Dataiku has witnessed massive growth in the past decade. As members of one of the top data analytics companies in 2022, Douetteau and his team of over 650 employees are slowly bringing AI into day-to-day professional operations. They have evolved in such a way that they’re just another third-party data analytics company that is going to crunch up some data; they function as the “brains” for these companies. They think with them, give them incredibly advanced analytics that helps businesses become efficient from deep within.

Dataiku has a huge base of satisfied clients, and it only continues to grow into one of the most effective ways to introduce the power of AI into everyday work life.