Datatrak – Enterprise eClinical Solutions

A leading CTMS solution provider, Datatrak is committed to transforming the clinical trial management industry. Clinical research is essential to build, manage, and monitor a clinical trial portfolio, and Datatrak aims to make clinical research much more convenient for patients and reform healthcare management. The clinical trial company provides a diverse portfolio of software products to accelerate the growth of clinical research from data sites and sponsors and allow regulatory authorities to operate seamlessly. To reform the clinical research sphere, Datatrak designed a multi-component, cloud-based solution via a single unified clinical trial platform, which incorporates Datatrak’s services and tools.

The Ohio-based company’s unified clinical data platform has a significant global reach. It delivers its tools and services to clients across the globe through its cloud-based system, which holds pre-clinical, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV drug and device studies in multiple languages. With over 20 years of experience, Datatrak is on a mission to find unique, efficient, and innovative solutions for the challenges in the clinical trial space.

The CTMS sphere faces many challenges, such as the lack of an organized central trial management system, unorganized data, complex trial designs, and lack of visibility. Datatrak’s single login, multilingual, and multi-tenant cloud-centric clinical system organizes users into virtual workgroups, enabling them to operate directly from the cloud. It allows pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and CRO organizations to adapt SaaS platforms instead of the traditional integrated systems to unify teamwork with business intelligence and fill the cracks in service delivery.

The US company’s Enterprise Platform offers customizable services to accommodate clinical trial requirements, which allow clients to employ any Datatrak-provided tool to control and speed up clinical research results. Creating decentralized tools allow clients and patients to monitor real-time, which is what Datatrak’s Decentralized Trial systems, such as ePRO, eCOA, and eConsent, offer. Its decentralized trial solution extracts accurate real-time data from the patients via the company’s iOS or Android app from and beyond clinical sites.

I think in terms of our industry, this is just the beginning of a lot more attention and money being dedicated to it. We are also in a position where we are having a huge technological development in life sciences,” said Alex Tabatabai, CEO of Datatrak.

With its EDC tool, Datatrak simplifies data capture on a user-friendly platform that supports scalable and adaptable clinical trials to match drug, device, and diagnostic studies protocols. Another challenge encountered in the clinical data space is the lack of tools for remote operations. Datatrak’s Medical Imaging centralizes image captures and improves its quality for users operating from remote locations. Datatrak CTMS offers complete visibility into data studies by removing lengthy and complex integration steps and extra hardware or software costs and delivers a single platform for business functions.

Datatrak’s Trial Design software allows clients to design the trials themselves or employ the assistance of Datatrak’s team and use the team members’ insight and expertise to implement personalized features for quick and successful clinical trials and results. The software enables studying and modifying clinical changes in trial designs. Another essential clinical trial tool designed by Datatrak is Randomisation & Trial Supply Management, which assigns drugs at random by default, during single or multiple visits.

The clinical research company also offers various services, such as web-based, remote, or classroom training to its teams to help them understand the single platform and equip them with the necessary clinical trial resources. With its Business Intelligence feature, Datatrak matches the increasing demand for performance analysis required to manage clinical trials. This tool constructs and customizes dashboards and provides the necessary insights from various data sources.

Datatrak has used its tools and services to enhance the lives and health of patients and reform healthcare firms. Recognized by the PMDA, Datatrak studied Gamification and created a four-step plan to increase the company’s target result by 300%.

Datatrak’s future vision entails designing, creating, and owning a multilingual and multi-tenant platform that offers singular access to clinical applications, tools, databases, and workflow. It also aims to build scalable and efficient technology while reducing back-end integration operations.