DataXstream – OMS+ | future proof solutions for SAP sales

Data management is an integral component of business and is something most enterprises struggle with. Companies require a centralized system to manage all data-related functions, from data collection to organization and allocation. As a leading SAP solution provider, DataXstream aims to simplify complex business operations. DataXstream provides clients with innovative solutions to increase their success and maximize the ROI of their SAP infrastructure.

Organizations need to invest in products worth the return. DataXstream ensures its clients leverage ERP infrastructure successfully to gain better investment returns. DataXstream allows companies to empower their employees with the latest and well-equipped products for improved sales and positive customer buying experiences.

The current SAP landscape faces various challenges. Often, companies work with SAP that doesn’t align with their goals, which gives birth to the second challenge—a lack of the skills to design, implement, and optimize SAP infrastructure. Thirdly, SAP requires high-quality IT resources to handle everyday processes, which is tricky due to malfunctioning or outdated hardware.

Founded in 1996, DataXstream uses over 25 years of expertise to architect and deploy proven and the latest technologies to combat these issues. The company’s customer-centric solutions equip enterprises with customized tools that enable them to reach their business objectives. DataXstream’s OMS+ solution transforms SAP order management. OMS+ is an SAP-endorsed application that extends SAP SD to allow customers to sell better. It caters to counter, mobile, sales associates, or customer service representative-enabled transactions.

OMS+ improves customer experience by using accurate customer files, order information, and product availability live from an organization’s SAP digital core. This application provides relevant information required to sell and allows companies to focus on customer needs instead of the order fulfillment processes. It simplifies order fulfillment using an intuitive web-based UI that interacts directly with SAP data, reducing order processing time and eliminating order rework.

With OMS+, enterprises can run complex SAP order scenarios in tightly controlled environments or under pressure with limited SAP knowledge. It provides live instructional guides to users that assist them through new and specialized business processes by tracking usage patterns and automating corrective messaging directly in the UI.

DataXstream’s origins really were around SAP technology and integrating other solutions into SAP. As we grew as an organization, we moved more into the core ERP solution space and the delivery of all things ERP, both from a technical perspective all the way through to a functional,” said Timothy Yates, CEO of DataXstream.

DataXstream OMS+ leverages the backend power of SAP S/4HANA to build a single, streamlined view of the customer and order processing across the entire organization. It allows companies to simplify the infrastructure by centralizing sales channels, thereby reducing system and data support requirements. Furthermore, reduced resource dependence increases business process flexibility and makes functions available to all channels simultaneously. Finally, OMS+ prevents disconnected and disjointed data by eliminating complicated integrations; it directly transacts in SAP.

Xstream Connection is another DataxStream solution aimed at empowering enterprises. It is a semi-custom adapter that bridges the gap between writing technical interface programs using SAP and implementing an adapter built into a third-party application. As a certified SAP integration solution, it executes, upgrades, and maintains content within the SAP infrastructure using the SAINT transaction, similar to SAP-delivered software. Its design allows maximum implementation flexibility and leverages SAP integration techniques to support all versions of SAP ECC and S/4.

DataXstream transforms the way distributors process business-critical transaction documents. Its OMS+ IA (Intelligence Automation) solution uses the data orchestration layer of SAP’s business technology mediums to allow AI models to extract insights directly from live SAP data. It obtains texts, tables, and forms with state-of-the-art text extraction and optical character recognition tools.

OMS+ IA also translates acronyms, abbreviations, and other data forms into a uniform language. The tool also calculates the similarity and importance of data to identify the material, customer, and inventory information. In addition, OMS+ IA processes orders, quotes, and other documents automatically using live ERP data.

The Williamsburg, Virginia-based company has a diverse caste study portfolio. It has helped and continues to help enterprises needing a robust SAP infrastructure. One of DataXstream’s clients, Pacific Coast Supply, a California-based material distributor, struggled with counter operations. PCS’ SAP system affected its daily operations. The entry tool was hard to navigate, leading to high rates of order entry errors. The sales associates found it challenging to search for relevant materials, even for existing products. PCS’s users had to resort to using order entry to look up available products and pricing.

PCS used DataXstream OMS+ to leverage its current master data investment, connecting the OMS+ solution to the existing data footprint. Pacific Coast Supply used the application to integrate its order entry and payment processing systems. With OMS+, PCS reduced the training time for sales associates, minimized time spent on reconciliation execution, and enabled flexible tendering processes.