Dedicated Computing – Embedded Systems Original Design Manufacturer

Every industry relies on top-notch technology to perform its operations. Regardless of the business, they need a robust hardware and software system to yield desirable results. Dedicated Computing, a leading Intel partner, aims to design a stable environment where innovative technology solutions are accessible to all.

As an original design manufacturer (ODM) of proprietary, highly engineered computing systems for blue chip original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers, Dedicated Computing provides its products and services to different sectors, such as industrial automation, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical production, electronics, life sciences, training and simulation, and infrastructure.

Digitization is a part of every organization’s daily operations, making the switch to the cloud or hybrid working modes. However, the sudden migration comes with a lack of information and support, making cloud migration time-consuming, vulnerable to cyber threats, and time and resource-consuming. Dedicated Computing is committed to offering an effective problem-solving strategy to businesses that cater to their individual requirements, from design and development to deployment of unique technology solutions.

The global technology company provides products and services that form the core of business devices by powering complex calculation engines, providing near-instant access to and serving vast amounts of data, and ensuring the devices remain secure, supported, and proper working condition. Dedicating Computing systems are integrated and optimized hardware and software platforms that meet specific computational and performance requirements of OEM applications. These systems provide various managed services with their pre-configured network connectivity and onboard diagnostics.

Dedicating Computing offers innovative solutions and designs platforms that support said solutions. The company’s Engineering & Design services solidify its position as a market-leading ODM. Dedicating Computing provides Engineering & Design tools to its customers, regardless of their product lifecycle status. Dedicated Computing’s team assists its customers throughout product development, from system configuration and form factor to component selection, chassis design, and prototyping.

With its Rapid Prototyping services, Dedicated Computing understands the importance of acquiring a suitable prototype at the right time. The company’s solution architects and engineers empower clients with a wide variety of services, including planning, prototyping, and early design engineering of the product development process. Dedicated Computing’s Rapid Prototyping services ensure maximum system performance and reliability by enabling reference designs for roadmaps, reduced lead time to production, and timely deliveries.

Hardware and software integration forms the foundation of successful and smooth operations. Most OEMs require specific component integration and configuration to meet their product’s unique needs. Dedicated Computing’s Hardware & Software Integration Services offer custom development and third-party software integration for validation testing, driver and component integration, hardware and software optimization, and operating system requirements.

Along with technology solutions, Dedicated Computing also builds platforms that support them. For instance, Dedicated Computing’s Control Processing platform includes a machine controller, motion controller, and control PC that fix complex automation tasks. Dedicated Computing provides control-processing systems that support a wide I/O profile with interfaces to CAN, serial, USB, Ethernet, and IEEE 1394. Its line-up packaging and performance options support ultra-compact applications that require control and visualization to run on a single hardware platform and distributed applications that require multiple platforms’ synchronous, deterministic operation.

It is great to see our product development efforts benefit our customers and their markets in such an impactful way,” said Phil Spivey, CEO of Dedicated Computing.

Dedicated Computing’s Data Storage platforms include purpose-built servers that optimize OEM performance. Data Storage system’s storage servers, direct attached storage, network attached storage, storage node, and database storage make medical advancements more efficient. Medical breakthroughs, such as human genome sequencing and new imaging technologies, have increased information that requires proper storage for viewing and analysis. More extensive image libraries provide a training and analysis platform in simulation and seismic imaging environments.

Similarly, machine automation applications generate larger datasets of machine information. Furthermore, along with scalability, customers encounter various other challenges, such as understanding and managing their workload, disaster recovery, meeting regulatory compliance standards such as HIPAA and FIPS, and security management issues. As the need for external, file, or block-based storage arrays increases, Dedicated Computing extends its knowledge and expertise in helping its customers select the right storage technology for optimized performance and total capacity at reduced costs.

The leading Intel partner also provides platforms for image generation solutions, such as ultimate scene generation performance and reliability in small form factor. The professional visualization world is constantly changing; every second brings new demands and the need for evolved technology. Advanced requirements like real-time ray tracing, AI, engineering simulation, and immersive VR are on every industry’s checklist, especially as professionals choose hybrid or work-from-home modes.

Dedicated Computing allows companies to take their training simulation scene generation to the point of use in a quiet, lightweight, and small form factor PC with the latest Intel® Xeon™ server processor technology and a high-end, double-width, full-length NVIDIA® GPU! NVIDIA Quadro® cards that deliver the performance required for an optimum Virtual Reality experience. Quadro also comprises more onboard memory than consumer graphics alternatives for professional VR applications.

Dedicated Computing provides the power and portability users need for an immersive and engaging virtual experience with its Aura product. Aura’s flexibility supports the integration of the latest high-performance NVIDIA GPU to generate the lowest latency and highest performance available for an application. This Intel® Xeon™ E processor platform empowers applications with server-class performance with its built-in security features, reliability, combined memory access and error-correcting stability, and commercial gamer-class performance and efficiency.

Dedicated Computing always solves customers’ technological challenges by equipping them with its platforms and services. A Dedicated Computing client expressed concern about the embedded nature of their computer, as being in the gantry limited its availability. Furthermore, the application’s enclosed nature resulted in high thermal requirements, and the movement associated with the computer required a solution to curb shocks and vibrations.

To solve these issues, Dedicated Computing’s Intel-based desktop technology, paired with NVIDIA GPU technology and packaged into a short-depth custom 2U chassis, was mounted directly onto the gantry of the radiation therapy system. The targeted compute solution that included integration of a frame grabber card captured raw data from a kV Detector on the gantry and sent it to a reconstruction server associated with the radiotherapy instrument.