Denodo – A leader in data management

In today’s digitalization-oriented industry, data lies at the center of almost every operation. Whether internal or external, data management is integral to organizational functions. Organizing, storing, protecting, and maintaining data ensures businesses run smoothly and efficiently. Denono Technologies’ title as one of the leading data migration companies stems from its contribution to the data management sphere. Instead of solely relying on physical data handling, Denodo offers innovative Logical Data Management solutions.

Given the vastness of datasets spanning data warehouses, lakes, hubs, and on-premises and in the cloud, enterprises often find it challenging to simplify data access, deliver massive amounts of data quickly, and promptly and uninterruptedly meet the continuous demand for improved analytics. Denodo Technologies’ Denodo Platform eliminates these challenges.

Powered by data virtualization, the Denodo Platform enables logical data integration, management, and delivery solutions, creating a centralized data access layer, allowing all users to locate, query, merge, and securely and cost-effectively share datasets in real-time. Denodo’s platform, coupled with its data-centered vision, assists organizations in obtaining reliable and integrated datasets on time for faster analytics and making confident business decisions.

The current digital ecosystem faces various challenges, from complex accessibility processes and incompatible models to delayed data delivery. Denodo Technologies combats all data-related challenges. The company’s logical data layer offers a virtual approach to accessing, managing, and delivering data without replicating it in physical storage units. Denodo also integrates siloed data across all enterprise systems, enabling seamless data merging regardless of data type, location, or latency.

Furthermore, Denodo’s expertise makes data virtualization possible for all organizations, helping them manage related data with customized semantic models that support enhanced metadata and AI/ML functionality and ensure data governance. In addition to artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Denono Platform also democratizes data in real-time using BI and data science tools.

Denodo’s customers have said that they gain significant benefits and ROI when leveraging a logical approach to data management and integration. This is due to the key technology component being data virtualization. — Angel Viña, Founder & CEO.

The Denodo Platform comprises all the features necessary to develop a logical data fabric for quick and secure data integration and management. The platform enables abstracting analytical data by presenting all data assets in abstract forms decoupled from source systems that retain data. It also ensures exceptional query performance and data access using AI-supported query acceleration and pushdowns.

Another feature that sets Denodo Technologies apart in the industry is its data catalog. The company’s platform makes data discovery straightforward with AI-powered recommendations and collaboration suggestions that take advantage of business semantics to offer personalized solutions, adapting to the unique needs of data consumers. The Denodo Platform also takes into account the demand for universal connectivity and data services and resolves these issues by allowing users to easily connect to various data sources with over 200 connectors and publish for seamless sharing using SQL, JSON, REST, and GraphQL APIs.

Moreover, the Denodo Platform has the flexibility to meet a wide range of case requirements, such as real-time federation to selective materialization and full replication to streaming. It also ensures compliance with unified security and governance. The platform’s centralized governance model and thorough security policies apply to all data types, access methods, and comprehensive data activity audit logs.

Denodo Technologies offers enterprises worldwide secure and simplified access to structured and unstructured data. Founded in 1999, the company has decades of experience engineering innovative and advanced data management solutions, resulting in a comprehensive portfolio that is a testament to its skills and expertise. A Denodo client wanted to save upfront costs wasted in analyzing, cleansing, and massaging data. Using the Denodo Platform, the client built a data lake to store raw data from sensors and IoT devices by aggregating and feeding data into analytical models, ultimately transferring that data to consuming applications.