D2L – Transforming the way the world learns

Desire2Learn is a pioneer in the EdTech space that effectively bridges the gap between technology and learning at all levels – from schools to corporates. It was founded in 1999 by John Baker, who wanted to leverage technology to dramatically transform learning and give everyone access to the best learning opportunities.

In just over twenty years, D2L has been working with customers worldwide to help learners at a scale that didn’t seem possible in 1999, when the company was first conceptualized. D2L’s range of technologies is currently being utilized by schools, high education platforms, associations, and corporate sectors, in over forty countries.


“When you see all the stories of what we can impact when we work together, you can understand why this is a mission for us—a way for us to contribute to the progress and build a brighter future.”, says John Baker, President, and CEO of D2L.

What sets D2L apart from its competitors, is its approach towards its user base. Instead of mere customers, the company respects them as partners and has built a caring community of peers across diverse learning environments.

The company’s core values are rooted in the aim of increasing engagement with learners. The company’s team of reputed experts in the field helps build world-class solutions, with their creative services and consultations. The result is high-quality content that resonates with all learners, under the D2L umbrella.

The D2L team doesn’t shy away from going the extra mile, to help its partners gain the most out of its Brightspace Learning Management System, or Brightspace LMS. Brightspace is D2L’s online learning platform that allows its customers to seamlessly transform the learning experience. Irrespective of location Brightspace helps meet the needs of both educators and learners.

The LMS platform was built from the ground up, using the best and most inclusive design practices, to make it accessible to every learner. What makes Brightspace so unique, is its 99.99 percent uptime, which strengthens its reliability as one of the top learning platforms.

It operates on a completely secure global cloud structure, and it aims to inspire students, empower lecturers and modernize training. The Brightspace LMS for schools and higher education is designed to simplify and streamline learning.

It provides teachers with innovative tools to facilitate student engagement and accessibility, and improve teacher-parent communication. The user-friendly platform not only helps learners take ownership of their education but also empowers educators to improve the learning experience while being more productive.

This then translates into higher graduation rates and test scores, while keeping students motivated to overcome barriers and achieve success within the classroom and their lives. With Brightspace, equitable access, and complete inclusion are attainable goals.

The challenges faced by associations today include increased competition, evolving member expectations, and the decrease in traditional revenue drivers. To combat these challenges, associations have to offer new, attractive, and innovative online programs that complement conventional in-person experiences.

Brightspace helps associations reimagine member training, by empowering members with world-class education right from the comfort of their home. The platform also helps scale virtual events to attract new, untapped potential members. With the tools and support that Brightspace provides, associations can develop pre-certification programs that set their members up for success.

At the corporate level, D2L’s intuitive Brightspace LMS platform helps companies build skills beyond mere content consumption, amongst their employees and members that drive results. It also improves talent attraction and employee retention.

Brightspace supercharges any corporate’s e-learning strategy by fostering on-the-job learning. The immersive experience ensures that learners master their true skills, to drive real business outcomes. Companies can also use Brightspace to create a personalized learning experience that is tailored to individual learners.

As with its other solutions, Brightspace also facilitates insight sharing and learning reflections with peers and managers, through its activity feed and discussion tools. It also enables a mobile learning experience for employees.

With a combination of innovative and accessible tools, services, and support, D2L helps its customers offer a great learning experience. The company keeps its customers at the center of its design and development process. This ensures that its platform is continually enhanced, through an insightful feedback mechanism. D2L is more than an LMS vendor; it is an irreplaceable partner in online learning.