DiaSorin – The Diagnostic Specialist

Diagnosis is the first step toward better healthcare. Only after diagnosis is it possible to find a suitable treatment for diseases. Since diagnosis is critical in detecting and identifying conditions, physicians and patients require effective diagnostic tools to make informed decisions. As a leading molecular diagnostic company, DiaSorin provides healthcare providers worldwide with testing kits and products to diagnose diseases precisely and reliably in the initial stages.

As a pioneer in clinical research and testing, DiaSorin specializes in immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics segments. DiaSorin pays special attention to ensuring the diagnostic tests display clinical potential, adhere to regulations and quality requirements, and demonstrate accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity.

By leveraging decades of research and development expertise, DiaSorin covers eight critical clinical areas: infectious diseases, bone and minerals, endocrinology, hypertension, stool diagnostics, autoimmune, and serum proteins. The molecular diagnostics company takes immunodiagnostics to higher levels by delivering high-quality assessments and increasing laboratories’ performance and efficiency.

Infectious Disease (ID) accounts for the majority of deaths worldwide. The rise in ID statistics has led to the urgent need for novel diagnostic tests to detect new infections and deliver better solutions for existing ones. Furthermore, there is a gap between the demand and availability of diagnostic tests performed in routine laboratories. DiaSorin’s Infectious Disease kits use ELISA technology to perform unique infectious disease assays. With its ID tools, DiaSorin enables the detection and identification of hepatitis, torch, EBV, MMRV, borrelia, Zika virus, tuberculosis, treponema, and COVID-19.

DiaSorin specializes in providing tools for diseases related to bone and mineral metabolism. The company has spent decades researching and developing Vitamin D testing, making DiaSorin 25-OH Vitamin D RIA assay a significant milestone in molecular science. Today, DiaSorin has earned its name as a worldwide diagnostic leader with its fully automated LIAISON® 25 OH Vitamin D TOTAL Assay that accurately assesses Vitamin D statuses.

Today, we don’t have the time nor the technology to reduce testing time to less than 1 hour. I believe that what needs to be done is to unblock the supply chain and make the swab materials available. We need to remember that the test and the testing swabs are two separate things,” said Carlo Rosa, CEO of DiaSorin.

The DiaSorin assay also uses an antibody that detects 25-OH Vitamin D2 and D3 swiftly and rapidly, producing reliable and quick results. DiaSorin also offers a tested RIA methodology to determine 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D. With its bone and mineral kit, DiaSorin enables physicians to assess primary and secondary hyperparathyroidism and monitor bone disorders.

With over 50 years of experience in the molecular landscape, DiaSorin products accelerate the diagnosis of fertility, diabetes, and thyroid problems. DiaSorin detects and identifies issues in the endocrine system by testing hormones that control different bodily functions, such as reproduction, metabolism (food burning and waste elimination), and growth and development.

DiaSorin’s products are accessible to healthcare providers as CLIA technology on the LIAISON® systems. These kits focus on endocrine system diseases, including diabetes, thyroid function, fertility, growth, adrenal function, and gastroenterology.

One in four adults worldwide suffers from high blood pressure and hypertension. Research claims that 67 million Americans have hypertension, half of which remains uncontrollable. DiaSorin’s products move past the asymptomatic nature of hypertension to detect and identify its signs and symptoms, controlling high blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

DiaSorin understands gastrointestinal diseases and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) concerns. With its tools LIAISON® Calprotectin, LIAISON® Elastase-1, and LIAISON® Meridian H. pylori SA, DiaSorin provides non-invasive stool diagnostic testing that provides accurate and reliable results.

DiaSorin’s knowledge and research experience have made it a leading company in accelerating autoimmune diagnostics. DiaSorin’s Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISA) products comprise various rheumatology and gastroenterology tests that diagnose thrombosis and vasculitis. These quality-controlled tests generate quick results due to simple test processes, short incubation durations, and ready-to-use reagents.

The DiaSorinSPQ™ serum protein quantification assay integrates with laboratory chemistry systems to assist with nutritional screening, cardiac risk assessment, and additional serum protein measurements. The SPQ™ Calibration Set B1032-179 is compatible with alpha-1 antitrypsin, C3, C4, haptoglobin, IgA, IgG, IgM, and transferrin assays.