Digital PayExpo 2021 | 50+ Exhibitors from across the world

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CIOCoverage is an official Media Partner with Digital PayExpo 2021 for Digital and Contactless Payments special edition.

Nearly a year of trial-by-fire, pandemic-era learning within the payments business has not only provided some great lessons but has also set the stage for some major advances in 2021 and beyond. E-commerce is growing rapidly, with worldwide sales put at  $4 trillion in 2020. The evolution in e-commerce can be partially credited to the developments within financial technology (fintech), such as e-wallets, new payment options, in-app purchasing, and peer-to-peer lending and payments.

Digital PayExpo brings together…

Attendees- 2000+
Expert Speaker- 50+
FinTech  Exhibition Booths- 100+
Financial Institution & Companies- 200+

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