Digital Remedy – A digital media execution and technology company

In a world where over 170 million individuals use social media every day, the vitality of digital marketing cannot be understated. Traditional marketing methods will soon be phased away, and the online market will completely take over. Digital marketing offers a variety of benefits. Not only is it less expensive than traditional marketing but is also a highly result-oriented approach.

It is critical and prudent for every firm, regardless of size or kind, to continue to adopt the finest digital marketing techniques in order to remain relevant in this ever-changing industry. This is where Digital Remedy comes into action.

Digital Remedy’s philosophy is built on two pillars: superior media purchasing and unmatched client service. The company offers a best-in-class solution for its clients, regardless of whether it is a small creative firm trying to expand or a direct-to-consumer brand looking to boost its CTV campaigns.

Digital Revenue offers a unique OTT platform, Flip, specially designed for brands and agencies to help them find out what happens when someone sees an OTT ad. Companies can track and measure their OTT marketing campaigns. The platform helps answer the following questions: Did they go to the website, buy anything, go to a store, or give their email address?

Flip provides answers to all of these concerns and allows marketers to go beneath the hood to determine which variables are generating the lowest CPAs and best ROAS. This all can be done while optimizing in real-time for what works.

Traditional marketing organizations and departments have seen significant client churn as a result of technological advancements. People have switched from traditional methods to phones, tablets, and laptops, making way for digital marketers to apply efforts and make progress. Over 77 percent of adults use mobile devices for news, social networking, and a variety of other purposes. As it stands, firms must guarantee that they understand current clients’ online behavior and interests. This may be accomplished by creating and implementing a powerful digital marketing plan.

Although company competition is fierce, embracing digital marketing may be a fantastic approach to level the playing field. Being able to work with current trends may also be necessary for internet marketing success.

Digital Remedy recognizes and appreciates that each advertiser and agency uses media in a unique way. The company’s leadership under CEO Mike Seiman has coupled this understanding with a unique knowledge of the digital media industry to produce a paradigm of solutions. These modern-day solutions not only help organizations achieve their goals but also pushes success measures as far as it can go.

Digital Remedy admits spending the majority of its time tracking campaigns, setting up run dates, and evaluating results on its platform, AdReady. AdReady is reputed for delivering the finest end-to-end experience for Digital Remedy’s clients, from RFP to renewal and all in between.

Digital Remedy is unrivaled in today’s ad tech industry. The company has an unmatched capacity to manage over 400k campaign updates in a single year. Additionally, the company’s year-over-year customer retention rate is a whopping 99 percent, which is much higher than the market average. This shows that brands trust Digital Remedy, thanks to the commitment and expertise it brings to the table.

Digital Remedy has invested 20 years in training its tech teams, AMs, project managers, relationship managers, and research and IT experts. The company provides a 24/7 support architecture, specialized research and tech teams, and simple onboarding and integration, allowing brands to focus on their operations while continuing to achieve desirable KPIs.

It is worth noting that Digital Remedy emphasizes on the quality of its services. The company is constantly inspecting its vendors and internal teams to ensure that standards are being fulfilled. This is a new age of media, and Digital Remedy is making a dent in the sector.