DigitalOcean – The developer cloud

As a leading cloud computing solution provider, DigitalOcean is on a mission to transform the cloud computing landscape. In today’s times, when cloud-based platforms form the core and foundation of businesses, companies rely on a highly functional and operative cloud system to create new and advanced software. DigitalOcean, with its team of developers and entrepreneurial experts, builds and provides its clients with unique cloud computing products and solutions to grow and meet their business goals.

Recognizing and acknowledging the urgent need for efficient cloud services, DigitalOcean offers affordable solutions with predictable operations, enhanced documentation, scalability, and affordability to accelerate cloud-dependent programs and functions. DigitalOcean keeps the various challenges that its clients and users encounter in the technological space at the forefront, such as cyber security, lack of cloud migration resources, and low scalability, and creates customized solutions that benefit every client and their operations.

Launched in 2012, DigitalOcean uses years of knowledge and expertise to devise innovative solutions that combat and counter existing cloud computation problems. With its website hosting solution, DigitalOcean makes it efficient for developers and businesses to host their websites or applications. DigitalOcean provides simplified cloud hosting platforms and 1-click apps that enable access to WordPress, Ghost, and other content management systems. Affordability is a rising concern in the digital world, and DigitalOcean’s low-cost cloud solutions provide transparency and remove hidden costs. The company’s website hosting services also present a 99.99% uptime across fourteen data centers.

In addition to allowing companies to host and run their website quickly, DigitalOcean lets its clients build and run the backend of their applications and sites. The company creates its platform using high-quality Intel processors and allows its customers to run their applications on VMs or Kubernetes. With its consistent and scalable video hosting solutions, users can build streaming platforms at a reasonable bandwidth pricing and top-notch infrastructure. Video hosting servers also allow companies to scale and develop their games.

With DigitalOcean’s simple UI, CLI, and API systems, start-ups and smaller enterprises can understand, manage, and use complex infrastructure features. DigitalOcean provides multiple cloud products that assist game developers in building new gaming ideas, from CPU-optimized virtual machines to load balancers, virtual private clouds, and Kubernetes. CLI is a web-based control panel that offers convenient, point-and-click navigation. If users wish to use the command line, DigitalOcean uses doctl, an open-source utility tool that manages multiple products from the command line. CLI reduces manual operations required for daily development and administrative processes, saving time and resources.

API enables users to manage Droplets, a DigitalOcean product, with flexibility through traditional HTTP requests. It supports unlimited actions and processes with curl commands or official API wrappers, such as creating multiple Droplets, resizing, rebooting, and providing data backups.

DigitalOcean develops and delivers products that support its cloud computing solutions. With its product, Droplets, a scalable virtual machine, customers can manage their virtual machines through DigitalOcean’s UI, CLI, API, and Terraform provider. Droplets allows users to expand their bandwidth and efficiently transfer and monitor heavy data loads. Another DigitalOcean product, Kubernetes, certified by the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Conformance Programme, ensures cloud migration and supports multiple cloud structures while preventing vendor lock-in. The product enables automating infrastructure and automatic scalability.

We enable entrepreneurs around the world with technology that allows them to test an idea, grow that idea to a fully functioning business, then scale the business. We have built a global community of developers and business owners who come together to support each other,” said Yancey Spruill, CEO of DigitalOcean.

The New York-based company offers a multi-purpose product, Functions, which runs on-demand, prioritizes coding, scales instantly, and reduces server maintenance costs. Functions develop, launch modern applications without constantly monitoring the servers, extend apps without learning new frameworks, and invoke functions, such as code snippets, required during web events.

Database is another product that enhances maintenance and automatically sets up, backs up, and updates application databases. It can be installed and accessed through DigitalOcean’s UI or API and provides time-saving migration from location to location with reduced downtime. Additionally, since databases run in an account’s private network, they are encrypted in transit and only allow requested safe listed data to be visible in public internet records.

DigitalOcean’s Spaces product reduces complex operations. Spaces contains a built-in content delivery network (CDN) that provides a simplified architecture to meet infrastructure goals. It builds efficient designs using comprehensible API documents, such as S3-compatible API, that enable reusing codes and tools. Available in and accessible to 14 data centers, 150,000 businesses, and one million developers, Spaces provides a safe and secure cloud infrastructure.

With Load Balancer, DigitalOcean lets companies scale their functions, improve availability, boost security, and enhance performance by identifying and eliminating anomalies. Load Balancer automatically renews SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt and supports HTTP/2 for a faster user experience. Its simple setup and user-friendly control panel automatically pass a client’s IP address and port through their Droplets. Additionally, Load Balancers is compatible with DigitalOcean’s Kubernetes, providing users with seamless cloud navigation.

Block Storage is another DigitalOcean product that stores data in multiple racks to ensure data backup in case of technical or cloud failure or crash. Through Block Storage, customers can scale from 1GB to 16TB of data and resize them to free up space. Since Block Storage encrypts and transmits data to Droplets using private and isolated networks, user information remains safe, secure, and confidential.

Spanning fifteen countries, DigitalOcean has provided its tools, services, and solutions to various clients and enterprises to make their cloud-computing journey more comfortable. One of DigitalOcean’s clients, Cerberus Tech, a global video delivery service, uses IP technology to deliver video content globally. Since Cerberus Tech is a worldwide company that collaborates with sports broadcasters, 24/7 broadcast channels, and live event managers, cost-efficient and secure video delivery solutions were required to increase scalability and security. Using DigitalOcean’s products, Cerberus Tech increased scalability and performed cost-effective operations. Cerberus Tech is now a loyal user of DigitalOcean’s API, documentation, and tutorials to grow and develop its business.