DispatchTrack – Last mile delivery & Route optimization

As the Amazon Effect reshapes consumer expectations around home delivery, logistics operations of all shapes and sizes need to find ways of adapting to customers’ lofty expectations. Unfortunately, the inherent complexity of last mile logistics means that this is easier said than done.

DispatchTrack focuses on giving last mile logistics operators the tools to do more with less. To achieve this goal, it offers AI-powered route optimization, real-time visibility, automated customer communications, KPIs, reporting, and driver management.

Among other last-mile logistics software companies, DispatchTrack is the only one that is optimizing the whole process from end-to-end and specifically focusing on ways to enhance the customer delivery experience.

Its innovative, comprehensive formula has helped furniture and appliance retailers, food distributors, 3PLs, building supply companies, and a multitude of other companies across multiple countries and continents to optimize their last mile deliveries and provide elevated experiences to their customers.

“DispatchTrack is excited to expand into new geographies and industries and continue to help businesses improve their last-mile delivery operations. Our company is working to outpace the competition and become the SaaS solution of choice for managing deliveries in a way that’s efficient, scalable, and cost-effective,” says Satish Natarajan, founder and CEO of DispatchTrack.

Under the guidance of Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack is all set to make a global impact in the last-mile logistics sector. The need to do more with less has increased drastically, especially with the outbreak of the pandemic.

DispatchTrack utilizes cloud-based, AI-powered route optimization to aid businesses in using the entirety of their truck and driver capacity in the most optimal way. Its highly sophisticated and connected platform provides real-time visibility to customers.

Enabling contactless and curbside pickup options while reducing the amount of work for warehouse and store associates is a major hurdle that has been often overlooked. However, DispatchTrack has addressed this challenge by automating customer pickup scheduling and improving customer communications to ensure seamless pickup experiences.

Its strong emphasis on customer experiences along with route optimization sets it apart from the other last-mile logistics software companies in the industry. It adeptly offers 98% accurate ETAs for deliveries and offers additional features, including self-scheduling messages, pre-routing notifications, and day-of reminders and alerts.

At the same time, they enable customers to track the delivery in real-time through its order tracking portal. In this way DispatchTrack helps its clients to empower their customers, building trust and improving customer satisfaction throughout the entire delivery experience

One particularly important customer relationship exists between DispatchTrach and Ferguson Enterprises, one of the country’s largest quality plumbing and building supplies providers. This partnership proved to be mutually beneficial and helped eliminate situations where Ferguson had to run its trucks at half capacity.

DispatchTrack aided the company in updating its legacy technology to the cloud and optimizing its routes, leading to a revolutionary transformation in Ferguson Enterprises’ delivery flow. This meant that its deliveries started to align with the scheduled ETAs, thereby helping Ferguson to build trust and boost their brand with their customers. .

With over a decade’s experience under its belt, DispatchTrack has designed a platform that none of their competitors in the industry can match. Features like hybrid dynamic/static routing, billing and invoicing automation, customizable workflow-based driver instructions, and others distinguish DispatchTrack from the rest of its competitors.

“DispatchTrack’s cloud-based platform is comprehensive, scalable, and easy to use and integrate. All of this puts us on a strong footing to win and retain customers,” claims Satish Natarajan.

Since its inception in 2010, DispatchTrack has achieved 40% growth year-over-year, and it has expanded into the markets of Asia. Europe, and South America. Owing to Spectrum Equity’s growth investment in 2020, DispatchTrack has the resources it needs to focus on future growth in this burgeoning market.

In the past ten years, DispatchTrack has grown from a bright idea to an indispensable technology solution that powers more than 80 million deliveries per year. Looking to the future, DispatchTrack is excited to expand into new geographies and industries, all while making its platform smarter and more comprehensive. Currently, it also seeks to expand its wings further in the global economy by scaling up its solutions and making its platforms more comprehensive and smarter.

With a strong plan of attack going forward, DispatchTrack has real aspirations of being a major force in the global logistics technology market.