Domo- Discover the Domo Data Experience Platform

Whether it’s internal or external, simple or comprehensive, data is the driving force behind all business operations. Domo, as one of the most innovative data analytics companies, stands out by understanding the true power of data. It empowers its clients with world-class products and services, enabling them to harness and shape data to its maximum potential.

Built on robust data architecture, Domo’s cloud-native data platform is a one-stop shop for enabling data visibility and making it actionable using user-friendly applications and dashboards. From scaling crucial business processes to completing tasks in record time, Domo’s data analytics solution ensures exponential business growth.

Domo’s data platform offers real-time visibility, fosters data-driven decision-making, and generates actionable insights—all within a single, unified platform. The company caters to a wide range of user needs, providing intuitive self-service alongside pro-code tools for advanced customization. By combining pre-built dashboards, customizable apps, and integrations with existing cloud and legacy systems, Domo makes data accessible across the entire organization. Underpinned by artificial intelligence, data science, and a secure data foundation, Domo connects existing cloud and legacy systems to harness the potential of data across businesses.

Data integration is vital to company operations, and Domo provides state-of-the-art data integration software within its data platform. This versatile software connects clouds, lakes, and warehouses, such as Google, AWS, Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, SQL, and any on-premise or proprietary data source, using over 1,000 pre-built, partitioned, CSV SFTP, and on-premises connectors. It also combines and reforms data using Magic ETL, SQL DataFlows, and Data Science data prep to empower businesses with no-code inline and visual ETL capabilities, create advanced transformations with SQL scripts in the built-in SQL editor, and fuse data from multiple sources.

In addition to data integration, Domo also equips users with a centralized solution to create drag-and-drop charts and dashboards, unraveling the power of data visualization. Through this platform, users can create unique and innovative data visualizations, experience a personalized interface with real-time data and interactive dashboards, and share data with teams on any desktop or mobile device, fostering a collaborative environment. The Domo platform supports over 150 chart types, from static charts to customized dashboards, and allows users to utilize data context and explore data thoroughly.

Since its inception in 2010, Domo has established itself as a leader in the data analytics landscape. This extensive experience has helped the company adapt to new technologies, embrace evolving trends, and anticipate user needs. Domo champions the democratization of data by simplifying complex processes like data reporting. It empowers businesses to create custom reports, set up automated data alerts, and replace outdated or static spreadsheets with automated, fresh datasets. This multi-purpose solution centralizes data, generates real-time insights, and grants users uninterrupted self-service access to powerful BI and analytics tools.

We help our customers leverage all types of data, irrespective of their business intelligence, at a cloud scale in record time. With Domo, users can adapt to the changing data landscape and stay ahead of the curve. — James Josh, CEO

Domo has solidified its position as a frontrunner in data analytics by prioritizing both industry compliance and enterprise scalability. Its comprehensive platform empowers organizations to not only achieve efficient data transformation and governance at scale, but also navigate the complex data analytics landscape with confidence. The company ensures regulatory compliance by aligning business initiatives, IT systems, and technology investments with government policies. This ensures that data governance is prioritized throughout the organization, allowing businesses to optimize costs and maximize the value of their data assets.

With features, such as personalized data permissions, trusted attributes, custom user roles, user management via API, bulk content administration, DomoStats, certified content, and group access and administration, Domo secures data across all environments by preventing unauthorized user permissions, constant monitoring, and built-in certification workflows.

Headquartered in American Fork, Utah, Domo boasts a comprehensive portfolio of advanced data analytics products and services that empower organizations worldwide. The company’s commitment to a customer-centric approach is exemplified by its successful collaboration with a leading performance health and age management solutions provider.

This client faced significant challenges due to outdated data, which resulted in suboptimal business performance and executives making decisions using stale information. Domo’s cloud-native data platform provided a transformative solution. By implementing the platform, the healthcare company gained real-time visibility into operations across all clinics, enabling data-driven decision-making. This data-driven approach yielded significant improvements within the first year itself, with a 16% increase in client base, an 11% rise in signups, and a 10% revenue increase.