DreamBox Learning – FROM Mind-boggling TO Mind-blowing

In the past year, many students and educators were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the shift to virtual learning, many schools had the opportunity to foster education technology. EdTech is the integration of both hardware and software solutions in the education sector to improve the quality of learning for students, on a global scale.

The idea of monotonous teaching from a textbook has become obsolete. In the 21st century, the implementation of technology in schools has positively changed the way many students learn, and it is all thanks to companies such as DreamBox Learning.


Founded in Bellevue, Washington, in the year 2006, DreamBox Learning is an adaptive software solution that specializes in teaching math to elementary and middle school children. It is one of the many companies which is revolutionizing education technology.

DreamBox helps students from kindergarten to grade 8 enhance their skills in mathematics.

“We have a goal to unlock learning potential in every child regardless of what zip code they are in,” said Jessie Woolley-Wilson, the President, and CEO of DreamBox.

She noticed how there is an educational inequality between different areas in the United States due to a lack of standardization in the curriculum and made it the goal of DreamBox to change that.

What differentiates DreamBox Learning from other EdTech companies is its incorporation of adaptive learning techniques. The rule of thumb for any good educator is to never expect all students to learn at the same pace. DreamBox has created math software that ensures students are taught with their individual capabilities in mind.

Without a strong foundation, math is a subject that can be challenging for some students. It is important as an educator to make sure that students are at par with their grade level without making them feel isolated. There is no longer a need for extra classes after school when a resource like DreamBox Learning is available.

The most enticing aspect of DreamBox Learning is its engaging graphics which makes learning fun. Students do not have to feel like education is a burden as courses from this tool feel like interactive video games.

It adds a friendly, competitive spirit to learning, to encourage students to always try their best. DreamBox Learning understands that a student’s attitude towards education heavily influences their ability to work hard. With this software, they will start associating math with merriment.

The company also provides a predictive analysis tool with its software. This allows teachers to know the student’s weaknesses and strengths so they can understand what they need to improve and nurture in the child. The tool is highly accurate and forgoes the need for constant examinations which is just a waste of classroom time.

As the CEO, Jessie Woolley-Wilson states, “It does not matter what a child’s starting point is. It does not matter what they know when they start. What matters is the journey and where it takes them”. 

It takes away the errors in teaching by introducing new and interesting ideologies which are centered around a child’s growth.

In the past year, schools had to revamp their curriculum so it best fits virtual learning. Since it was a new process, many schools had a challenging time adapting and took the opportunity to implement software such as DreamBox.

Many teacher testimonials have credited the program for its easy accessibility and interactive method of instruction. It is student-friendly and best of all adopts an adaptive teaching technique that caters to each student’s individual interests. Teachers also get to know which areas in math they should work on with students. DreamBox Learning has the goal of enhancing every student’s educational journey so they understand the joy of learning.