DreamOrbit – Supply Chain & Logistics Management Software Development Company

A leading innovative logistics solution provider, Dream Orbit believes in revolutionizing the Logistics & Supply Chain landscape. Companies in the Logistics & Supply Chain sector, especially the 3PL’s — Freight Brokers, Carriers, and Shippers —  rely on new and innovative tools to enhance their business and boost their logistics operations. As a bespoke solution provider of innovative automation, digital transformation, and cloud-centered technology services, DreamOrbit aims to meet its customer’s requirements and help them navigate the logistics sphere more comfortably.

With its dedicated team working diligently to design and provide high-quality solutions that ensure scalability and continuity, DreamOrbit is on a mission to develop new trends and products that help its clients and customers reach their goals. Using its unique solutions, DreamOrbit strives to tackle the existing challenges in the logistics environment that make it difficult for companies to run their operations. In today’s logistics system, organizations face various difficulties that hinder their improvements, such as sudden cloud migration, manual business processes, outdated technologies, and the lack of tools to collaborate with multiple systems.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, DreamOrbit has studied industry challenges, analyzed its clients’ demands, and used its team of program and business experts to create effective logistics solutions. DreamOrbit’s Connected Enterprise Applications, Intelligent Automation, Augmented Analytics and Enterprise Cloud Solutions have helped customers adopt the right solution to meet their business needs.

Acquired in 2016 by Saksoft, a leading digital transformation solutions provider, DreamOrbit’s solutions focus on expanding its customer’s opportunities and prospects and optimizing their business operations using modern technology, a solid cloud infrastructure, and a convenient user interface. The logistics solution provider assists its customers with low-code/no-code services that run on RPA or Power app. It uses its expertise to provide end-to-end cloud project planning, design, and delivery for cloud-based hybrid platforms, such as AWS and Azure clouds. Intending to solve infrastructure challenges, DreamOrbit offers a Microservices-focused architecture approach that allows companies to access native cloud app solutions and UI-driven applications that use JS technologies like Angular and REACT.

DreamOrbit has been an early adopter of the latest technology trends and has always provided customer benefit of technology trends by building cost-effective, time-bound solutions,” said Aditya Krishna, Chairman & Managing Director, Saksoft.

DreamOrbit leverages the Augmented Analytics capabilities of its parent company, Saksoft, to help its clients, allowing them to obtain real-time insights and control their operations anytime and from any location. DreamOrbit’s services emphasize automation or tech enablement via RPA and low-code/no-code platforms, integration services for EDI-/API-based integrations, and system integration across various platforms, including TMS, ERP, and CRM.

The Bangalore, India-based company’s customer-centered TMS, WMS, Shipper, and Vendor Portal, created through native cloud solutions, enables its clients to improve user satisfaction with the help of a dedicated team that supports cloud migration. The company also provides business intelligence and reporting solutions using Power BI and Tableau and develops artificial intelligence and machine learning-focused approaches, such as business intelligence dashboards.

DreamOrbit’s solutions have helped its clients overcome their challenges and access the logistics sphere with ease and comfort. DreamOrbit built a multi-tenant customer portal customized per each shipper’s needs, which helped shippers order, book, and track their existing shipments, predict sales, and process payments. In another instance, DreamOrbit designed a bespoke scalable digital freight marketplace platform for its client that lets shippers and carriers work together to achieve their business goals. The digital freight marketplace platform allowed shippers to post their shipment details and receive rates. On the other hand, carriers used the platform to purchase the available goods swiftly and conveniently.

A global supply chain company working with multiple carriers used DreamOrbit’s RPA product to switch from manual tasks to automatically accessing web sources and entering tracking details to obtain shipping information. DreamOrbit’s mobile application solution assisted its client in tracking and monitoring shipment loads and the amount of fuel used and in receiving payments to boost their business functions.