Dremio – Unified Analytics Platform for a Self-Service Lakehouse

Traditional data analytics approaches often struggle to deliver the speed, flexibility, and scalability required to extract actionable insights swiftly and effectively. Dremio, as a leading Dell Technologies partner, addresses these challenges head-on, offering a revolutionary solution that bridges the gap between data storage and analytics—Dremio offers a pragmatic solution through its cost-effective solutions to navigate the complexities of modern data operations.

Dremio leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver lightning-fast query speed and a self-service semantic layer directly against data lake storage. This innovative approach eliminates the need to copy or move data to proprietary data warehouses, providing unparalleled flexibility and control for data architects while enabling self-service capabilities for data consumers.

Operating as a cloud data lake query engine, Dremio empowers organizations to execute instantaneous queries on file and object data residing on Dell EMC ECS and PowerScale, making this the centerpiece of data analytics infrastructure, organizations can access the data they need swiftly and efficiently, directly on their Dell EMC data lake.

Dremio’s features include data reflections, columnar cloud cache (C3), and predictive pipelining, which work seamlessly with Apache Arrow to deliver exceptional query performance without the need for ETL, cubes, or extracts. This approach ensures that data analytics workloads are compute and storage-intensive, requiring performance, manageability, and scalability.

Dremio seamlessly facilitates the migration of data from legacy HDFS data warehouses and database systems to Dell EMC PowerScale and ECS, ensuring faster time-to-insight and interactive query performance. This maximizes efficiency, performance, and cost benefits for organizations seeking to unlock the full potential of their data analytics infrastructure.

Dremio’s innovative analytics approach empowers organizations with fast, flexible data access. We’ll continue to accelerate growth and deliver exceptional value to our enterprise customers, helping them realize the value of their data in driving business outcomes. — Sendur Sellakumar, CEO

With Dremio, enterprise organizations and administrators can effortlessly scale from tens of terabytes to tens of petabytes within a single file system and volume, all managed through a single point of administration. This scalability is complemented by significantly improved storage utilization and query acceleration technologies, resulting in 4-100x faster performance compared to traditional data consolidation engines.

Moreover, Dremio empowers teams with self-service capabilities, allowing data engineers to apply security and business meaning via an abstraction layer while enabling analysts and data scientists to explore data and derive new virtual datasets easily. This flexibility is further enhanced by Dremio’s open and flexible architecture, enabling organizations to avoid vendor lock-in and query data directly in the cloud or on-premises.

Dremio excels in data management with its Unified Lakehouse Platform, offering unmatched flexibility, scalability, and performance. It prioritizes user proximity to data, enabling seamless self-service analytics while emphasizing cost efficiency. Unified Analytics eliminates data movement complexities, ensuring rapid insights delivery without compromising governance.

Dremio achieves significant Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings, reducing costs by over 50% compared to leading platforms. It streamlines operations and enhances data operations with a powerful SQL Query Engine and integration with Apache Iceberg Lakehouse Management service.

Dremio’s Lakehouse flexibility integrates with existing infrastructure, offering rapid analytics deployment as a managed cloud service or on-premises software. The company’s Data Mesh strategy fosters collaboration and accelerates BI workloads within its Open Data Lakehouse environment. It simplifies data management with Git-inspired versioning, facilitating innovation while preserving integrity. Organizations migrate from Hadoop to Dremio for improved query performance, cost efficiency, and data accessibility. Dremio advocates a phased migration approach, starting with query engine modernization. Its flexible deployment models streamline the process.

Dremio Cloud emerges as a fully managed lakehouse platform, offering organizations a turnkey solution for accelerating their data modernization initiatives. With Dremio Cloud, organizations can leverage advanced query engines, metadata management, and data optimization services to drive innovation, agility, and efficiency in their data operations.

With Dremio, enterprise customers can fuel analytics directly from their data lakes, fostering innovation and empowering organizations with a simple, easy-to-use, open architecture.