Driving customer success with Oracle’s Partner Ecosystem

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Oracle partners help ensure our customers have the solutions and guidance needed to achieve their desired business outcomes

Over the past years, but especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen an acceleration in the pace at which organizations are looking to transform. Whereas in the past, some organization leaders thought moving quickly was high risk, today, those leaders understand that not moving fast enough to adapt, transform, innovate, and future-proof their businesses will ensure they are left behind.

As a result, more and more organizations are turning to Oracle – as well as our robust partner ecosystem – for solutions and guidance. Combined with the solutions Oracle offers to help our customers innovate and solve their business challenges, our partners and their differentiated services are the driving force behind many of our customers’ achievements.

For example, Eaton, a power management company doing business in more than 175 countries, collaborated with Oracle and PwC to reimagine its finance operations and modernize its aging financial planning and tax systems. According to Dan Hopgood, Senior Vice President for Eaton’s global financial services and systems, “Oracle had the best well-rounded, holistic solution. We felt it was very important to move forward with a partner that could support all aspects. And not just bits and pieces.” And Oracle Partner PwC helped Eaton achieve their desired outcomes with Oracle Cloud EPM. “PwC’s deep knowledge of our industry was critically important to our team’s success,” Dan said. As a result, Eaton now has much better visibility into its business and finances and can take real-time actions to help them achieve their goals.

And this is just one example of how Oracle and our partners collaborate to drive customer success. As part of our overall customer experience strategy, Oracle has been deepening our relationships and investments in our partner ecosystem. For instance, my team and I have focused on the global system integrator (GSI) community and ensuring each GSI is enabled to both innovate the solutions that customers need and increase their opportunities to drive customer success. Through a new partnership model, we are:

  • Growing GSI partner expertise through robust training so our partners can deliver the expert guidance our customers need to achieve their desired business outcomes;
  • Enabling GSI partners to deliver customer-focused solutions tailored to specific business challenges; and
  • Closely collaborating with GSI partners across their client engagement lifecycle to help them drive successful migrations and implementations and ultimately ensure our customers are delighted and successful in achieving their goals.

As Vicki Huff, Vice Chair of PwC says, “Our relationship with Oracle has never been stronger, and that’s because our strategies are tightly aligned to drive business transformation and great outcomes for our joint clients. Together with Oracle, we empower our clients to not only keep up, but to create a competitive advantage for what’s ahead.”

And just like we do with our customers and our employees, we continuously engage with our partners, like PwC to understand how we can improve. Please message me with your own thoughts on how we’re doing and how our partners are doing. Together with our partners, we are committed to helping our customers every step of the way.

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