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The current digital landscape is customer-centric, and DSI Tech is championing the mission to make digital transformation user-friendly and accessible. One of the leading CISCO solution providers, DSI Tech equips organizations, Federal authorities, state and local governments, and educational institutions with the latest solutions and support to make their transition into the digital sphere seamless.

Enterprises often face roadblocks due to rigid, outdated, and complex IT systems that cannot support the requirements of new applications and cannot deliver the service demands of distributed workforces. These challenges slow business output, affect application performance, and result in poor visibility and control. DSI combats these constraints by providing application control, cloud services, compute and storage, converged systems, management services, route and switch, and virtualization solutions.

As hybrid and remote operations take the lead, enterprises rely on uninterrupted and accessible collaboration to resume workflow. DSI Tech’s collaboration solutions use mobility and cloud tools to enable constant and remote collaboration while maintaining high quality and exceptional user experience.

DSI is changing the tide of digital interactions by providing business-to-business communications, conferencing, customer contact centers, instant messaging and presence, mobile and remote internet access, PTSN access, voice messaging, and video communications solutions.

Furthermore, to enable hybrid working and learning, DSI Tech’s CISCO solutions allow two different work environments to co-exist on the same platform while ensuring consistent quality and experience on both ends. The company also empowers hybrid work facilities by transitioning from entirely remote operations and preventing complete on-sie functions by building a middle-ground. Moreover, DSI keeps data and communication secure by strengthening protection across all hybrid points.

The Ashburn, Virginia-located CISCO solution provider allows companies to manage data safely and efficiently by foraying into the Internet of Things (IoT). DSI Tech’s IoT solutions deliver innovative strategies to transfer the correct data to suitable applications at the right time while ensuring data privacy, increasing data security, and having data control and ownership. DSI thoroughly integrates IoT into digital operations with solutions for connectivity, data analytics, management, development environments, safety, and application enablement.

DSI Tech strives for digital excellence by empowering all areas and components that propel business growth and boost operational performance. — Atul Bhatia, CEO

Networks are integral to every company; their value and necessity are invaluable yet often understated. Networks control data transfer and can solve the majority of internet and connectivity-related issues. Growing beyond traditional network solutions, DSI offers modern IT network solutions for advanced switching architectures, network management, security technologies, Wide Area Network (WAN) devices, and wireless networks.

DSI Tech keeps IT security at the forefront of its solutions. It ensures its clients are equipped with advanced security solutions to create a safe and secure digital environment. DSI’s IT security solutions, like active monitoring, network visibility, perimeter defenses, policy controls, threat detection, managed security services, and endpoint control, help organizations monitor the entire IT infrastructure in real time. These solutions strengthen the security system by receiving live and instant threat detection, identification, and mitigation updates.

Wireless devices are the new reality. From mobile phones to tablets, wireless gadgets enable global inter- and hyper-connectivity. DSI Tech understands the challenges that accompany constantly changing trends, such as balancing Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies, the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, understanding data patterns and results, and adapting to the cloud for instant file access and better flexibility. DSI makes wireless connectivity more accessible with IT wireless solutions like access points, controls, data integration, capture pages, policy management, security controls, location triangulation, and device administration.

Founded in 1991, DSI Tech exudes decades of IT expertise and knowledge, which it extends to organizations to simplify their operations. A DSI Tech client wanted to upgrade their hardware and expand the current IT network in their technology center. DSI installed multiple CISCO Nexus 9000 units and software for the client, allowing them to continue uninterrupted functions, minimize system vulnerabilities, and expand the existing production storage area network. DSI Tech also updated essential enterprise network and security infrastructure equipment that exhibited security issues.