Dwolla – Payment Solutions Company & Payment Service Provider

Promising frictionless payments and dedicated support in financial transactions, Dwolla is a rising name in financial technology. Built with an aim to make money move securely and smoothly, Dwolla strives to make the most of financial systems. With a secure mobile-first approach, a wide range of account-to-account payment types and flows is unlocked by the company.

Innovation and customer satisfaction are influencing factors of Dwolla’s business model. “We took everything we learned from serving consumers to build a platform that gives businesses multiple account-to-account payment options with a single API integration,” says Brady Harris, CEO of Dwolla. With its roots traced back to a digital wallet solution, Dwolla has years of experience in serving local businesses and consumers. Seeing the potential of modern payment platforms to empower businesses, Dwolla embarked on a journey to design technology that transcends traditional financial systems.

As a result, Dwolla has grown into a company that facilitates the movement of billions of dollars every month in a way that is accessible and easy to use. The fintech solutions offered by Dwolla are undoubtedly scaleable, with the capacity to handle 5 to 5,000 transactions with just a few clicks. The reliability of these solutions is seen in the 99.99% up-time of Dwolla’s financial system. In addition, it is hard to come by a solution that is as flexible as Dwolla’s, allowing various payment flows and transfer types.

A recent example of the magic that Dwolla works is seen in the increased charitable donations at CharityVest. When the latter was facing the issue of tracking donations from multiple sources, Dwolla helped this modern donor-advised fund with Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) to make reporting simple. VANs have become an essential feature of CharityVest. This feature allows several different payments to be directed to a single place and CharityVest receives real-time notifications on the payment statuses.

Businesses choose Dwolla for its lucrative features and constant innovation. “We believe in iterating often, attention to details, and that building a modern payments platform is a marathon, not a sprint,” remarks CEO Harris. The company’s intention to innovate is fueled by understanding its customers and team members. Despite frustrations in achieving a modern financial system that supports wider use and multiple payments, Dwolla believes in growing healthily and creatively. Greater convenience for the customers and new payment possibilities through the Dwolla platform drive the company to make incremental changes and bigger breakthroughs.

The latest project Dwolla is working on is the Instant Account Verification (IAV) product that is slated to hit the floors at the end of the year. This is a highly reliable method of verifying a user’s funding source and keeping sensitive financial data secure. Implementing the product into a business payment solution only takes a few lines of code. Once this is done, a new user is allowed to enter their online banking username and password to verify their funding source in seconds.

There are no limits to the application of Dwolla’s modern fintech in industries. Real estate, healthcare, insurance, and marketplaces alike find Dwolla a trustworthy partner when it comes to finances. Dwolla rids industries of the manual processes involved in integrating their payments and smoothens the process of getting used to fintech in business.

The support provided by Dwolla in making the users comfortable needs mentioning. The support team is available 24/7 to ensure that both existing and new users can navigate the payment platform seamlessly. The full suite of solutions offered by Dwolla, that too on a single API, is another experience that businesses should look forward to.