Dynatrace – Modern cloud done right

Dynatrace comes forward with a simple offer – support for organizations to transform to the modern cloud with AI-powered answers and automation. While it appears simple, the solutions that Dynatrace brings to the table are powerful. Regardless of the niche that its customers work in, the enterprise seeks to empower them to do more with their data. The approach of breaking down silos and proactively preventing issues before they affect end users is the most recommended by Dynatrace.

One of the specialized solutions by Dynatrace focuses on cloud observability. Cloud observability enables organizations to deliver business value by reducing costs, minimizing IT incidents, and providing better user experiences. This is an ability to measure a system’s current state based on the data it generates and can help in taming cloud complexity and better manage applications, infrastructure, and data within their IT landscapes. For organizations that face cloud complexity, data explosion, and a pronounced lack of ability to manage their cloud environments effectively, this is most recommended.

Many IT teams seek out cloud observability platforms to reduce blind spots in their cloud architecture, resolve problems rapidly, and deliver better customer experiences. Ultimately, cloud observability helps organizations to develop and run software that works perfectly. It is noted that current customers are increasingly particular about software working perfectly, leaning towards immediate defection towards other brands when mishaps happen. Indeed, some research indicates that 54% of customers will defect after just one poor experience with a company.

Effective cloud observability needs to deliver business value to organizations by wrangling cloud complexity and enabling users. At Dynatrace, we like to think we make order out of chaos to provide flawless and secure digital interactions. — Rick McConnell, CEO

Putting things into the context of 2024, organizations fully recognize that technologies such as AI and cloud services have become mandatory to compete successfully. 83% of technology leaders agree that AI has become mandatory to keep up with the dynamic nature of cloud environments. Moreover, organizations can now realize a return on AI investments within 14 months. It also needs to be noted that 98% of technology leaders are concerned that some AI could be susceptible to unintentional bias, error, and misinformation.

This is what makes AI observability and data observability critical in the industry. As a megatrend in the industry, companies now view high-quality software development and cloud observability as twin pillars in their efforts to compete in their respective marketplaces. Dynatrace predicts that this is only the beginning of the true business transformation. With less than 20% of x86 workloads residing in the cloud, there is still a long way to go.

Dynatrace’s AI observability solution boasts of infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with cloud services and custom models such as Amazon Elastic Inference, Google Tensor Processing Unit, and NVIDIA GPU. As a Carbon Impact application, it monitors infrastructure data, including temperature, memory utilization, and process usage to ultimately support carbon-reduction initiatives. On the model layer, users gain visibility into service-level performance metrics like token consumption, latency, availability, response time, and error count for production models.

When there are chances for AI decision-making to be compromised, organizations need to be able to rely on their AI-enabled processes as they move forward in the cloud and digitally transform. Dynatrace cloud observability provides that trusted foundation.