DynTek – Digital Transformation & Managed Services

One of the leading VMware partners, DynTek believes in transforming the IT sphere. Today’s digital landscape requires enterprises to be on par with the latest technological tools for customer satisfaction and thriving in a competitive market. DynTek understands client expectations and delivers progressive and cost-efficient IT services to make IT tools easily accessible.

As a top systems integrator and security risk management medium, DynTek aims to make information technology easy to navigate. It develops IT tools, such as IT consulting services, end-to-end IT solutions, managed IT services, and IT product sales, to help enterprises meet their goals.

DynTek extends its products and services across various industries, including enterprise and commercial, federal, state, and local government, K-12 and higher education, healthcare, and utilities. The company’s data, technical expertise, and vendor relationships allow it to create and provide efficient digital solutions.

DynTek’s customer-centric and multidisciplinary approach emphasizes the need for modernized workplaces, accessible data centers, and practical cloud solutions. It enables its clients to use critical and modern technological advancements to run their businesses smoothly, meet client expectations, and achieve their objectives.

Our team of highly certified technologists and customer service professionals have been laser-focused on helping government, education, and enterprise clients solve remote work, security, and data center transformation challenges through the innovative use of technology from key partners, such as Cisco and Microsoft,” said Tim Montgomery, CEO of DynTek.

DynTek has earned its name as a trustworthy and reliable VMware partner with its five-point strategic plan. Its VMware solutions focus on simplifying complex processes and reinventing the cloud experience. DynTek’s app modernization feature builds new cloud-native apps, modernizes existing apps, and optimizes infrastructure across all cloud servers.

VMware multi-cloud experience regularly maintains and manages public, private, and hybrid clouds for an integrated and centralized data portal. Given the rise in remote or hybrid work, DynTek, through its VMware solution, allows employees to operate anywhere and on any device without security threats or disruptions.

Cloud networking is central to all online data platforms. DynTek boosts virtual cloud networking by connecting and securing data and applications from the center to the cloud edge, regardless of the operating location. DynTek also ensures safe and secure cloud navigation by leveraging the IT structure and data points to guard cloud information and applications.

In addition to improving the cloud experience, DynTek offers systems integration and IT transformation solutions. It integrates the legacy infrastructure with new and advanced technologies to strengthen the digital infrastructure. DynTek provides extensive assistance in designing and implementing a solid infrastructure for seamless connectivity, collaboration, and data management.

With its security solutions, DynTek targets an IT system’s advisory (risk assessment, compliance support, and audit preparation), architecture (gap monitoring, zero-trust design, and defensive networking), and integration (product enhancement, deployment and support, and orchestration).

Through its data center transformation solutions, DynTek customizes its techniques to fit its client’s business models. Similarly, DynTek’s cloud-based collaboration solutions enable automation and integration between a user’s multiple devices, including additional UC devices. Successful collaboration increases productivity, unifies communication, improves mobile applications, and increases total engagements.

Along with IT systems and transformation solutions, DynTek also delivers managed services. DynTek’s managed security services enable clients to automate security alerts and protect IT frameworks, data, and systems from internal and external threats. Managed security services increase visibility, implement orchestration, prevent system overload, and reduce complex processes.

On the other hand, managed delivery services equip an enterprise’s IT staff with sufficient and high-technology resources in various areas, including VMware, security, IT and business transformation, enterprise architecture, project management, technical assistance, infrastructure management, and cloud transformation.

DynTek has a diverse catalog detailing its IT support and services. One of its clients, Norwich University, a renowned academic institution, required proper cloud support. The institution needed the cloud to manage a heavy workload and meet the growing demand for a solid IT infrastructure.

To help Norwich University, DynTek performed a thorough security check and road map for incorporating the Microsoft 365 A5 suite. It evaluated Norwich’s existing applications and suggested ways to invest in better technology, such as Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Defender ATP in the Windows 10 Suite, alerts and notifications, and Exchange Online Protection.

Using DynTek’s tools and services, Norwich improved its identity management using MFA, Azure ATP, domain-based messaging, reporting, and conformance. The new licensing model allowed Norwich to utilize all Microsoft tools, automate data, and prevent data loss.